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Promo code to existing customers for a discount?

Hi Folksy Crew,

I’d like to be able to offer my existing customers the chance to get a discount in my shop - by emailing them with a promo code. As other businesses do. Can we, or can you consider, making this an option within the Folksy shop. I’m pretty sure other sellers would also find this useful for generating more business, and repeat custom.

Lindsey, AKA Spare

It has been suggested to them a few times, hopefully they’ll find a way to do it soon

I would love this option. I would also like the ability for customers to choose different postage options at the checkout. At present, everything goes recorded, but perhaps someone might like standard 1st class, which is cheaper, but at risk of loss without compensation or maybe next day special delivery, perhaps?

I agree that different postage options would be good, especially on lager items that I list at 2nd class but would like the option to offer 1st.

@JAustenJewelleryDesign Jacqueline under distance selling regs I think you’d have to cover any losses whether it went recorded or not.

Yes, sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. Little or No compensation from the PO that is!

Has anyone found that the promo code also discounts the postage?

I think it does, whereas I would expect the code to discount the products only. Can see on a previous order that I didn’t get the basic cost price on a recent order where it has been bought with a promotion.

Anyone else have the same result?

AKA Spare Creative