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(Anna Taylor) #1

Hello all so i wondered if we could discuss stores Im new here and a photographer who’s hoping to make some sales but unfortunately i haven’t got the hang of it yet so who else has a store and what are you selling maybe we can get people interested in buying
thanks, Anna
curly tails

also any advice on my store I’d love to hear it :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Hi Anna, you haven’t got much listed yet so it’s hard to comment much on your shop. Why not join in with the weekly art chat thread or one of the listing threads on the showcase forum, that will help you get known and there’s lots to be learned from here on the forum. Good luck.

(Anna Taylor) #3

Thanks Louisa! I will :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #4

I just had another look at your shop. You don’t say whether you print these photos yourself or have them printed. Buyers might want to know something about the quality of the prints and how they’ve been made. I say that as an art collector myself, it’s the kind of detail I look out for. I know some photographers invest in fairly expensive printers and papers to make sure their work is top quality.

(Anna Taylor) #5

Thank you very much! I print them myself but the printer is worth a bit of money as i wanted them to be higher quality but because i print them myself will it put people off?

(Margaret Jackson) #6

No not at all, it helps to make you sound more professional as you’ve obviously invested in some good equipment.

(Anna Taylor) #7

Great thank you for all the help Louisa! :blush:

(Jacqueline Austen) #8

Your photos are lovely - really like the lemur in the black and white. I can’t add to the excellent advice from @Louisa15 . I can’t see why you wouldn’t do really well on Folksy. Come and join us in the listing clubs (May Queens this month) and you will soon see how nice it is to sell on here and get known.

Welcome to Folksy!

Jacqueline x

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #9

Lovely photos, Anna! Just a thought… my shop was called just “LizzieMade” at first, then I thought I should change it to show what “Lizzie” actually “Made” - it wasn’t exactly obvious! So now the shop title is “LizzieMade Hand Bound Books”, which tells people what I do.
I’m not exactly clear what You Do? Are you an animal photographer? Animal artist & photographer? Or a general painter & photographer? Maybe your shop title could reflect your business too.
Also, I agree that your descriptions need to say what you are selling, who created it - a photo by Anna Taylor of Curly Tails, for instance, the way it is produced - eg. a giclee print, produced on your high-quality photo printer, using archival quality inks and high definition paper (or whatever it is…I’m not an expert!), its size (and maybe the dimensions for a mount?)… that sort of stuff is nice to see, as it helps the potential buyer to make up their mind.
Love the Lemur! Good luck!


Oh, PS - if you print a limited edition, it’s a good plan to make it clear that the print will be part of an edition of “x” prints, and that each is individually signed and numbered by the artist. I have a friend who’s a printmaker; she includes an information leaflet with each print, slipped in behind the print in its clear envelope & board stiffener - the leaflet explains what an original print is, a bit about the process and about what an edition is also. You could maybe do similar with your quality prints of paintings and photos - explain what the process is to make that print and that it’s part of a limited edition? Just a thought…

(Margaret Jackson) #10

Lizzie has made some excellent points there, I agree entirely!

(Anna Taylor) #11

Thank you guys for taking the time to give me so much advice its so helpful I will read through it all tomorrow again, and start on all of your points! I will defiantly take into account about making my title show what sell. I am an animal artist and photographer i’m not sure how i’d reflect that in a title but i’m sure i’ll find something! I’ll defiantly start all this tomorrow thanks!