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Question for Plus Sellers

(Sally Lucas) #1

How many listings do you think it is reasonable to renew each day?

I have around 150 items in my shop and have decided that 10% is acceptable as long as I don’t renew all of the same type of product each day. So I choose items from different categories - Kindle covers, purses, cushions, etc.

What are your thoughts please?


(Joy Salt) #2

I renew either :

  • because listings are about to expire
  • because I am on the Best Seller list and need to have a pretty lineup of last 5 listings as that’s what shows against a shop in that list
  • just to tidy up the look of the top things in my shop

I therefore never just renew for the sake of it, numbers and percentages don’t come into it.
I do though add new listings pretty well daily, so that in itself refreshes the look of my shop - if that is why you automatically feel you must renew.

(Sally Lucas) #3

You are frequently on the Best Seller list! Well done you but for most of us, we just don’t make it. If I added new items to my shop every day then I’d be up in the hundreds with my listings :smiley:

As you say, it’s mainly to refresh the shop.

(Karen Ellam) #4

Hi Sally

I’ve only just become a Folksy Plusian :blush:
I’m really enjoying the freedom with listing new items without the worry of monthly bills.
I’ve only relisted the odd small batch twice. There was probably about 7 items.
I don’t really know what the benefit of doing it is to be honest. I’m just testing the water.
I know some folk relist their whole shop everyday and that’s up to them (they do pay for the plus account privilege too) but personally I wouldn’t want to jam up the recently listed with my stuff.

All the best with your shop

Karen :tulip:

(Sally Lucas) #5

Thanks Karen.

I usually look at those items which are getting out of date and then pick 10 to relist. I do this probably a few times a week. I was just wondering if other sellers thought that was a reasonable and acceptable strategy.

I assume the benefit is that when a seller does a search, the newly listed items will appear closer to the top of the list. If I’m wrong with that then somebody please let me know as then I wouldn’t need to think about relisting at all LOL.

(Joy Salt) #6

Meant to add - your 10% sounds absolutely fine. It is really important to keep your shop front redressed - just like any shop window on the high street.

Joy xx

(Linda Wild) #7

I list about 10 items several times a day just to keep my things near the top of the searches - I NEED the sales!

(Helen Dale) #8

I try and relist 5 or 6 items twice a day. Really just to keep my stuff reasonably high up within the category they feature so if anyone is looking for bags they don’t have to trawl too far before seeing at least one of my items.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #9

I personally can;t see the pint of re-listing every day. I re-list items when they are about the expire, and the whole shop just before the Plus account runs out (gives me a couple of weeks breathing space so that I don;t have to rush to renew the account). Other than that I just can’t be bothered to spend time re-listing - and it’s never seemed to have any bad effect on my sales - 633 to date :slight_smile:

Must renew my Plus account!

(Sally Lucas) #10

Dandelion - I looked at your shop and it’s lovely. I think perhaps your number of sales is probably proportionate to the number of listings you have. I’m aiming to join in the August daily listing promotion and ramp up the number of items in my shop, with a hope that it will bring increased sales.

(Joy Salt) #11

Sally / Helen
In no way do I depend upon my visibility within Folksy to bring me sales.

I really don’t think many, if any, of my sales come from people spottlng my glass in any Folksy ‘newly listed’ feature.
I think a far more useful and productive way to get my stuff into the public eye is to promote it from outside Folksy but always with direct links back to the listings in my shop. Hence my use of my Facebook page.

Joy xx

(Rachel) #12

Hi I have lots of small items in my shop, I relist those going to expire on the day that they are due to expire but I try and space them across the day rather than in a lump, but that fits around my lifestyle of bobbing on and off the internet throughout the day. If I was away for the day I would probably relist them as a bulk

I do use the front page of new lists and relists to do my present shopping so find it really useful


(Sara Leigh Thornton) #13

Thank you Sally :smile:

I often find my buyers will purchase 4 or 5 items at a time - maybe something as a gift with a card and gift tags of the same theme, so it’s really well worth having a good sized stock. I used to only have about 100 items before the Plus account cam into being - I was doing ok, but having the freedom to stock a lot more without hefty listing bills each month is absolutely brilliant :slight_smile:

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #14

Sally, I would say that 10-15 items at a time is good. You’re not filling up the whole of the “Recently Listed” or any searches, so that a potential buyer would be put off by a flood of items from you; but you are putting a small block of your things into the system, all together, so hopefully that would get your items noticed a bit more.

But I’d agree with Joy @JOYSofGLASS, that you need to do a lot more to bring people to your Folksy shop, rather than try and rely on re-lists, or appearing in the front page “smorgasbord”.

Good luck!


(Sally Lucas) #15

Thank you Lizzie.

Social media, networking, marketing, etc is another subject completely :-). I simply did not want to appear ‘greedy’ or saturate the Website.

Sally x