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Loom knitting patterns

One of my to do Project is to make a pair of socks. I purchased this sock loom a while back thinking it would be easier. But I got it from a well known auction site and it come without instructions. Does anyone know where I can find a pattern/instructions as it’s pretty useless at the moment.

I have found a few that are for round looms but not sure if I can still use that pattern. Any help and advice would be fantastic as I have the loom and some really beautiful wool sat waiting to be socks one day :joy::thinking:

I used to loom knit before I turned to crochet. I bought a set of different sized looms and a wonderful book by a lady called Isela Phelps (there is a sock loom book she’s written on Amazon). I found that with sock looms providing the loom had the same amount of pegs the shape of the loom itself (some sock looms are rectangular) didn’t really matter. It’s a shame there’s not much out there for the good old loom. I’d suggest looking into Isela and her books. Her instructions are great and there’s projects for each complexity and stitch from beginner to advanced. Also good old pinterest is a great source once you’re a bit more confident. :slight_smile:

I’ve some round looms and some long rectangle ones. I’ve made slippers on mine.

I also have a number of books and yes as woolly pops says you can use your oval one instead of the round one used in the book.

Thank you @WonderousOddities and @EileensCraftStudio I was really unsure if I could use the round patterns. Now I know I can I shall look again.
I’m going to have a look for that book you mentioned aswell :grin:

I’ve just had a look on youtube, loom knitting sound quite interesting, being able to knit a square on the round loom, to make scarves or blankets. Good luck with your new project.

It looks like the Prym loom - you need this link:

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My brother brought me a bigger loom for christmas i had never seen them before they are quite fun untill you try and cast off thats when i have a proble :confounded:.

Thank you @rosesworkshop i did look up about the prym loom and noticed people had said the intructions in there were a little confusing. This is perfect I shall hopefully be able to get started finally.:blush:

On the youtube demo, to cast off the lady threaded a piece of contrasting yarn through before she took them off, she then did a single crochet plus a chain in each loop, she was very careful though. It looked good when she had finished, but I am no expert.

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@memicrafts oh that sounds a good idea.