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Rate my work and your suggestion

Hi, Mart, welcome to Folksy! Your animal art is very good. I especially like the flamingoes. Perhaps if you added some more pictures, you could join in some of the threads where we help each other to get our work seen, such as “Favourite an item above you”. There are also showcases and discussions for art that you might get involved with. Lots of tips here for selling too.
Good luck with your shop!

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Thank you i will definitely join the threads and iv got more some black and grey work but at the moment im working on a sea turtle and babie not sure about a babie tho and thanks for liking my work

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Maybe correct the grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors in your descriptions. It would be helpful to the buyer to know how you plan to ship this item to them.

Your description, “This is an limited editions prints of a flamingo and baby chick pastel painting the prints will be produced on 250 gsm card paper and printed by an epson art print high quality prints sized at 8x12 ore 20.3Cmx30.5cm”

I’ve made a few corrections here.
"This is a limited edition print of a flamingo and a baby chick pastel painting. The print will be produced on 250 gsm card paper and printed on a high quality Epson art printer.

Print sizes are available at 8x12 or 20.3cm x 30.5cm"

Thank you my gramma and spellings were never good thats why i like art thank you very much

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I understand. :grinning: You might find this link helpful. There is a free basic version and could help you xo

Thank you much appreciated xo

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