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Hi there! And shop review please?!

(Fizzy Pink) #1

Hi there!
New around here :blush: and new to trying to sell online. I basically do doodle art/illustrations/zentangles etc, and thought I’d see if its possible to sell any as I’ve literally hundreds of them! Would you be kind enough to give my shop a quick review? I already know my photography isn’t on point, and I’ll deal with that shortly. Are my prices to high/low for what I’m offering? Overall look?
Thanks in advance for any potential replies!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

A couple of things might help. You need to use words in your titles that potential customer would put into a search bar/engine.

You might want to say whether you’ve drawn on paper or card and if it’s artist paper/card acid free extra.

Also it’s best to put measurements in both imperial and metric, and if it’s A4 etc add that as well.

You have a lovely handmade card but you don’t say if it comes with the envelope or how it will be packed or if you have left it blank for the customer to leave their own message or not.

I would also look at your pricing for posting. You’ll need to protect your art in the post and 60p will not be enough for posting and packing costs.

You have some lovely artwork
all the best

(Karen Ellam) #3

Hi Monni @fizzypinkdoodlestudio

First of all I love your designs. So striking and vibrant.

I agree with all the good advice Eileen has given you.

Wishing you all the best with your shop :blush:


(Liz Clark) #4

Eileen has raised some great points already, but I’d also add that you should fill in the “Meet the Maker” part of your shop, which tells buyers a little bit about you, why you do cards, what inspires you, any relevant other stuff.

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(Sara Smith) #5

Hi. Just had a look at your shop and agree with all of the above. You have some lovely designs. Good luck!


(Fizzy Pink) #6

Thank you all for your replies. I will take all of your comments on board. I next have lots of free time from Friday, so can makes some changes then. Thanks :smile: