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Re opened after I'll health

(Eleanor Kerr) #1


I’ve been away for a while mainly due to ill health :frowning: but now I’m on the mend I thought I’d give it another go.

Everything has changed since I was here last. Has anyone got any tips?

Ellie x

(Tilly Is My Cat) #2

No tips I’m afraid as I have just returned also!
Just wanted to wish you well and good luck…

(Stitchingarainbow) #3

Eleanor, your shawls are beautiful!! he first thing that popped into my head was that you could take a photo of your shawl on dark background and use it as a shop banner.
Just slowly fill your shop with more items, play with your shop appearance (If I were you I would put your shawls to the first row, and maybe mix the order of the sets so they go green pink green pink) and do whatever you can to get a traffic to your shop!
Good luck!

(Nobias Art) #4

haha, also no tips from here neither, since I have just opened like 10 days ago and made no sale yet. But good to hear your better now:) Good luck with the new Folksy then

(Samantha Stanley) #5

Welcome back to you both! I’m just learning myself, but if I come across a good tip, as ever, I’ll let you know.

Love Sam :fish:

(Jo Sara) #6

Welcome back Ellie. I would suggest logging out of the forum (using the drop down menu when you click on your S logo on the top right of this page), then logging back in again. That should put your shop link next to your forum same, which you can see as a blue link next to a shopping basket on most people’s replies on this thread, that means we can click on it and go straight to your shop from the forum everytime you pst anything.

Jo :smile:

(Eleanor Kerr) #7

Thank you x

(Eleanor Kerr) #8

Thank you I’ll try that out x

(Eleanor Kerr) #9

Thank you x good luck with your shop x

(Eleanor Kerr) #10

Thanks Jo, hopefully my link now goes to my shop, thanks for the tip xx