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Need advice about brooch backs for metal brooches

I’ve spent quite a bit of time making a brooch from mainly copper with little silver accents. However, I don’t want to solder a sterling silver brooch back on as this will inflate the price too much(and its mainly copper, and I can’t find anywhere that sells simple copper brooch backs). I tried soldering a base metal one to a piece of scrap copper, I had to use brute force but it came off the copper - I might try again with some stronger solder. Anyway does any one use epoxy resin to attach brooch backs to metal and does this work ? im not confident using that jewellers glue,(the name escapes me ) as I’ve had things plink off before now. Any advice appreciated , thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Suzanne, I solder on base metal, but I be sure to sand the plating off first. So far most of the backs I have used are either copper or brass under the plating, both of which solder on fine. I’ve not tried resin to stick them on.
Good luck

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I’ve used 2 part epoxy glue to attach base metal brooch backs to various things and metals - just make sure you rough up and clean both bits to be glued together before you glue them.
(the jewellers glue you’re thinking of is probably E-6000 - there are fakes about which are cr*p but the proper stuff is ace - but as with the epoxy you need to key and clean the surfaces)


Thanks for the advice, I only gave it a slight sanding , so will try again and play around, it’s great to know it can be done though :slight_smile:

and also good to know this works too. Yes I may have been sold a dodgy E-6000 glue on ebay - thats’ prob why this happened :roll_eyes: I think I will try the soldering again . Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

I use two-part aruldite and the same - rough up the back and the flat bit of the brooch back.

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