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Sticking tin together

Hi. I’m just toying with a new idea and am after some advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m thinking of creating some jewellery using vintage/new biscuit tins. Ideally I want to create separate layers that I want to stick on top if each other.
I was thinking of sanding down the bits and using strong superglue, does anyone have any better suggestions?

Unless the pieces of metal you are sticking together are totally flat and have no gaps, I would lean towards using an epoxy rather than super glue. In my experience (ceramic conservation, so not exactly related!), super glue becomes quite brittle and I wonder if it would hold up to the rigours of being handled and worn? You also end up with a lot of bubbles in the glue which I am sure weakens the bond it makes. Epoxy of course is more of a faff with mixing and all that but the bond is I think, much more superior.

You can buy epoxy glues that are specifically for metals but no doubt they are more expensive than conventional ones. I assume that you would be unable to solder the pieces together?

I would also certainly test any adhesives before use for potential reactions with the tins, as different brands might have different coatings which may result in the adhesive going a strange colour or bubbling furiously. The bond that is made might then be more compromised.

Sounds like a great idea you have! I hope a bit of trial and error will lead you to the correct solution!


I take it that you want to preserve the paint on the biscuit tins for decoration on the jewellery. In that case, soldering is out as it will scorch, melt or otherwise damage the paint, and the barrelling / polishing process that follows will remove any remaining traces. 2 part epoxy is the way to go, as it is a gap filler, so the pieces won’t need to be totally flat and works at room temperature. I use it to glue half-drilled pearls to wires and once the bond is formed it is practically bomb proof. Just don’t touch it for a few hours while it is setting and it will be fine.

Sam x

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Fantastic advice! Thank you ladies.
Now all I need is the time to experiment :wink:


Belt and braces perhaps, but you could also add a little rivet through the sandwich. It could be part of the design.