Reindeer Moss Decoration

I bought this moss decoration to use it as a photo prop. When I opened the box, some little pieces went all over my desk and it feels…moist. There is no information on the box so I looked it up on the shop’s site. It says it’s ideal for outdoor decor. Is this suitable for indoors too? Will this be mouldy sometime in the future? It looks great otherwise.

Is anyone here using this material for their work?

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I have used some from hobbycraft but it didn’t feel moist.
I had the same concerns as you so I emailed them, they said the moss is real but treated so it last for a long time. I’m not sure about the one you have but might be worth contacting the supplier. There was also no information on my box just the words ‘reindeer moss decorartion’.

Edited to say I also left a bit out on my craft room window ledge for a couple of week to see how it would behave and it was fine.

I’ve used inside and out. My outside one now is 3 years old and still as good as new (keep it up in the cooler loft for the rest of year) and my two inside ones were bought at the same time, but I only made them up last year. Again as good as new. Some moss came away from all of them, but wouldn’t hesitate to buy more,

Thank you for your responses. I am relieved now. I’ll keep it for private use indoors then and see for myself how it goes. In between Xmas orders, I will try to make a Xmas wreath for myself (for change!) using that lovely material.

@LampworkbeadsbyJo - we probably have the same one.

thanks for the awesome information.