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Reordering shop collections

Hi - does anyone know how to change the order of shop collections? It says you can drag them but mine don’t seem to want to stay where they’re dragged.
Also, it would be so lovely to have square collections pictures, so that our items aren’t cropped - I guess it must be impossible to do this but cropped pictures just don’t look good.

You should be able to drag them to where you want them from the ‘Collections’ menu tab in your dashboard. I can with mine.

Mine won’t even move on my tablet, maybe you can only do it on a proper computer?
As for square collection pictures, I’m in total agreement, an oversight by folksy? Or just not easy for them to do easily?

I’ve managed to move mine around without hitch, and they stay put. I agree, square pics and also would like to be able to choose which items to feature, at the moment it shows latest which is just underneath anyway.

I guess they just wanted it to take up a bit less space so it doesn’t dominate the page even more (especially if you’ve got loads of collections) but it does seem a bit odd when everywhere else on Folksy thumbnails are square.

I think it might be nice if instead of one cropped item, the collection picture showed 2 tiny square thumbnails, so the overall width would be the same, but it’d actually take up less height and give a clearer impression of it being a collection rather than just one item. You might not see much detail, but hopefully it’s still enough to make people click and see the bigger pictures.

Something like this:


It shows whichever is nearest the top of tha page so if you want something else to feature on the thumbnail of a collection, move it so that it’s the first one of that collection on your page.

Thanks Kim, I do that sometimes but I like to order my whole shop show that it reflects a variety of items and colours ie, not all earrings or bracelets, or same colour on a row. Hope that makes sense. x

Yes, I know what you mean…the limitations can be a bit frustrating at times x

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Thanks for all of your replies - sorry I was a long time replying myself - I was out as it was bank holiday. I’ll have to try it on my old computer. I use my iPad for everything now and rarely use my computer, as it’s so old. It must be that the collections won’t move on an iPad.
As for the thing about square photos, I guess it must be a problem to do, otherwise Folksy would have done it. I do wish they were square though - it would look so much better.

I can’t imagine there’s a reason it’s technically not possible, as it’s their code and they’ve managed to make all the rest of the photos square. I think there must just have been a reason they thought it worked better that way.

I agree selecting the item that represents the collection (without having to move it to the top) would be nice, but that probably is something that’s complicated to make work.