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Square format photo request for shop collections

(Roz) #1

I have just submitted a request for the format of the photos associated with the collections in our shops to be changed to the same format as is used across the rest of Folksy. I have spent hours taking an cropping my photos so that they look good in a square format only to find that when used for the “collection” image they have been re-cropped.

Here is my request if anyone feels they would like to vote for it :smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #2

Great idea, I’ll go and vote for it now

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #3

Iv voted it’s a good idea

(Donna) #4

I’ve voted for you. It would look so much better :smile:

(Deborah Jones) #5

I shall pop over and vote , from a design perspective it would look much better too.

(Angela Harpham) #6

Good idea.

(Heidi Meier) #7

I have just given it three votes.

(Anita Rose Designs) #8

You have my votes

(Ronald Koorm) #9

This is the first time I voted.

Yes, frustrating and confusing for customers. I have seen this problem on some other websites too.

They might say that the collections are a ‘flavour’ of the image, to entice the customer, but I say it would look a whole lot better in a consistent square format.

If you have a rectangular item you can always put it in a square format, just means there is more of a margin around it on two of the sides.


(So Sew Megan) #10

Didn’t know this suggestion and voting section existed. Thanks, it’s a good idea, I’ve added my vote.

(Leathermeister) #11

I have also voted for this suggestion.

(Julie) #12

I suppose it makes the “Collections” section more compact - but I totally agree, it makes a horrid mess of our images.

If we can’t have them square, what I’d like to see is a way for us to specify the image associated with each of our categories - that way we could do a generic image for each that would not depend on grabbing a random pic from our listings.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #13

I don’t want to have to mess about cropping any of my photo’s so or have them messed up by other’s software trying to squish the them either :frowning:

(Ann Hall) #14

Good idea. You’ve got my 3 votes

(Amberlilly) #15

Shame we have to fiddle about with them full stop! But will go vote, anything to help improve our users shopping.

(Dee Brett) #16

Hi! I know this thread is old, but I wondered what happened with the query? I was just looking at my shop front & thinking the preview of the collections looks a bit rubbish - I crop all my photos to square so because the preview photo is landscape it’s chopped bits off & doesn’t look very professional! Thought I’d search in here & found this thread! Sorry if it’s been answered elsewhere but couldn’t see any other relevant ones :slight_smile:
Or am I doing my photos wrong - I thought cropping them square would be easier as I can see exactly how the image will appear…
Dee x

(Kim Onyskiw) #17

There was another thread that included complaints about the rectangular photos just the other day (still no answers yet though)

(Helen Clifford) #18

You could add your votes to this request, too:

(Brenda Cumming) #19

all of my paintings are rectangular and I actually dislike the square format as it means I have to have a margin around them I cannot do an edge to edge photo as it crops it to be square and removes some of the detail, which to an artist is important.

(Dee Brett) #20

Thanks @konyskiw :slight_smile: Glad to know it’s not just me that’s bothered by it! Hopefully it will get picked up then :smile: xx