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Shop Collection Images - anyone else struggling with size?

(Sarah Stevenson) #1
I thought I’d been careful to select images that would fit the smaller space allowance on the home page of my shop, for all the shop collections (check out link above). To my dismay, the images don’t fit properly, hence only a portion is seen. This sadly gives an impression of shoddiness and not particularly caring how my shop front looks. Which is ironic, as I care very much, and had hoped for a more professional look!

Any one else experiencing this? Any tips gratefully received!

(Helen Clifford) #2

I have this too. I get my pictures nice and square to show well in the shopfront, then the collection images are cropped. It would be good if the collection images were also square. I shall see if I can remember how to add this to the Wishlist…

Just found it has already been added…

(Sasha Garrett) #3

If you crop your images to square but with a slightly larger border than you are currently allowing then when the shots get cropped down further you don’t loose any of the image just the top and bottom border allowance. Not always possible depending on what you are photographing (dangly earrings for example are a nightmare) but it definately helps. You can then have a closer shot (ie without all the extra border) as one of the product shots so that people can see all the details.

(Sarah Stevenson) #4

Ooh, great! Shall have a read!

(Sarah Stevenson) #5

Thank you - yes, dangly earrings aren’t easy at all!

(Roz) #6

Hi, I added this request a couple of months ago - it seems to have got a few votes so fingers crossed it will be looked at but the more votes the better. :smile: