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Retail outlet/pop up shops

How many of you rent in retail outlets (permanent or pop ups)?

Do you rent permanently or just for certain parts of the year?

Do you pay for ‘space’ or do you give up a % of the sale?

Any feedback, ideas welcomed.

I rent in a local retail place and want to hear experiences, what you look for, what’s important to you and any other feedback.

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We will be stocking in 2 shops soon, one we will pay for space (£10 a week) and the other will take 30% commission.

Luckily we can pretty much have as much as we want in which is great. Space is obviously important as is what sort of other items is within the shop.

Thank you!

Can I ask what made you choose the two spaces? Or were you approached?

They were looking for people to stock so I had a meeting with both and decided to give it a go, I didn’t go looking for them i must admit. I thought it would help target new customers who possibly don’t shop online or haven’t heard of Folksy

I’m currently displaying my stock in Warrington. I’m paying £6 a month for a shelf and then they take 8% of sales which I think is very reasonable. They have more price plans available, I just went for the lowest one to start with. They are prepared to do it on a monthly basis but if you book for 3 months in advance you get 5% off.

I hope you all took out a written contract stating who is responsible for any items being stolen off the shelf or damaged. Plus stating when you will be paid for your items.

I would suggest regularly checking the status on your items and how they are being displayed within the shop. I mean to go in and look not just take the word of the shop owner/assistant.

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I have contracts and stock lists, it’s all above board and I can go in regularly because they’re both local

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I have a contract between me and the shop. We are in regular contact via emails and Facebook.
The contract says I’ll be paid every month and I’m also covered by them if anything gets stolen.
As for going in and seeing for myself it’s a little too far for me to do that unfortunately.

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