Shop re-opened

Hi everyone

My shop has been closed for a couple of years and I have just re-opened it. Do you have any hints or tips on getting views? I am in the process of re-stocking, checking out homepage tags, etc but I have had no views yet…I know, patience is a virtue!

Any advice on how things differ here on Folksy (from other Etsy sellers maybe) will be appreciated.



Hi Carol - Folksy is much nicer than Etsy in terms of communication and support - the ‘talk folksy’ facility is really friendly and useful - the downside is you have to be more proactive and drive your own sales using social media (more so than Etsy). They are different and at first Etsy will give you more sales but with Folksy you have a different customer base and I think is a good long term bet. I far prefer Folksy.


Hi Anna @Fififoxi, thank you for your welcome. I am happy to hear that Folksy works well for you and I am going to give it a go. But… the dreaded social media! I have tried all channels over the years and despite the hours spent posting and interacting I just don’t seem to hit any potential customers so I gave up. You mention that Folksy has a different customer base for you, what do you mean by this? I’m guessing that your customers are other sellers rather than the general public?

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Hi Carol @SeaGlassSeaham. I think it’s not so much ‘other sellers’ rather a diverse community of buyers and sellers. who are more prepared to buy handmade ‘arty’ items that are a bit different and OK with paying higher prices for handcrafted and hand painted items (you get a bit less of the ‘I can get that at half the price at Habitat’). People shopping on Folksy do usually understand that ‘Handmade in the UK’ can mean paying a bit more for better quality and originality. I only have a few sales on Folksy but I have seen my sales really improve across the board (Etsy etc) since joining Folksy - I’m sure it’s as a result of the encouragement and shared knowledge that Folksy provide. In a way being on Folksy has forced me to look at Social Media and begin to use it better and that seems to be making a difference.


Thanks Anna @Fififoxi for taking the time to get back to me with your thoughts, which I find interesting. You’ve given me lots to think about!