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Ring light recommendations

Hi everyone

The natural light is so abysmal now I’m ready to buy lighting to help my photography. It seems like a ring light will be best rather than a light box, as most of my things aren’t flat lay and can be reasonably large (clothing). So looking for recommendations on what to buy. Not expensive and hopefully I can buy 2nd hand to ‘reuse/recycle’.


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Are you looking for one that goes on a DSLR or on a phone?
(not that I have a ring light but that info will help others with recommendations)

Phone. I have a digital camera but hadn’t thought of using it. It’s older than the phone so not sure it would be better.

DH bought me a ring light from Amazon, fits the iPhone 12 perfectly. Several different tones of white as well, blue, green, red etc. 10” on a tripod.

Do you know what Make it is?

Thank you!