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I tend to have themes in my shop and, at the moment, I have a Dutch theme going on. As it’s nearly the Summer holidays and people will be on their travels to other places, I wondered if anyone else has got items With designs from different places in the world.

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I tend not to theme my items in quite the same way but I do like to bring back unusual local rocks and beads to incorporate into my pieces when I get back from my travels. I currently have a necklace set with a piece of pounamu (the greenstone from New Zealand which is important to the Maoris) that was cut from a beach cobble I was given whilst out there.

I’m hopefully off to Nepal later on in the year and fingerscrossed I’ll find some K2 jasper to bring back with me.

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What a lovely story behind your necklace- a really original piece. x

I do get people bringing me stones and other items that they have picked up themselves whilst on their travels (regulars and friends have stopped thinking of me as someone who sells jewellery but as their tame jeweller who will consider any request). I’ve done a number of pairs of cufflinks like these (this pair have fijian coins set in them that the guy had left over after his honeymoon) but haven’t figured out how to properly advertise doing this on folksy as it is reliant on the people giving me the coins and the price then varies depending on the size and what sort of back they want.

As it’s the 4th July here’s our Maine Coon cat, all the way from the US of A!

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Lovely picture! You are very talented. x

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Ginkgo Biloba-the miracle living fossil tree from China!

Sam x

Russian doll.

I love art nouveau Sam x

Lovely cushion. I’m planning a Russian doll theme in my shop at some point. Have a little case of lovely Russian fabrics and embroidery designs. Won’t be this year though because I have other themes planned for the next few months, but I’ll get round to it at some point.

A painting of Porto, Portugal…

…plus Paris and Provence!



Elephants from Africa.

My travel journals are made using postage stamps from all around the world


I love travelling and saw this beautiful Kea in New Zealand



Postcards from my travels on this journal.