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Royal mail price increases

(Brenda Cumming) #1

I have just had a letter from the Royal mail saying that there will be price increases from March 29th 2016
1st class stamps will rise by 1p for letters and large letters weighing up to and including 100g to 64p and 96p respectively.
2nd class stamp prices will rise by 1 p for letters and large letters weighing up to and including 100g to 55p and 75p respectively.
Small to medium parcel prices will also increase.
small parcels up to and including 1kg 1st class £3.35 2nd class £2.85
2 kg 1st class £5.50 2nd class £2.85

Medium parcels.
1kg 1st class £5.70 2nd class £4.95
2kg 1st class £8.95 2nd class £4.95

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Thank for that Brenda

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(Samantha Stanley) #3

Thanks for posting about this @teabreaks! It must be that time of year again :unamused:

Love Sam x

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(Donna) #4

That’s not so bad :slight_smile: Most of mine go as large letters. I always dread this time of year since that year when they put the small parcels up by 40p!!!

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(Anita Rose Designs) #5

Thanks Brenda, I use a mix of Hermes courier and Royal Mail so will to check all my postage

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(Tina Martin) #6

Thanks for posting that Brenda :slightly_smiling:

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #7

Thanks Brenda.

(Karen Ellam) #8

Thanks Brenda :blush:

(Delphine His) #9

Thanks for posting this Brenda, I always seem to forget! :unamused:

(Julie Maginn) #10

Thanks I’ve been afraid to look! Most of mine are small parcel and I was sure it was going to go up at least to £3.50 so just an extra 5p is not so bad!!!

(Pauline Hayward) #11

Most of my parcels can go 2nd class small parcel so it’s not too drastic but as @DewDropCrafts says I did expect it to be more than 5p when I first saw this mentioned.

(Melanie Commins) #12

International prices look to have increased by 10p across the board, with the exception of international large letter rates which have not changed.

It could be a lot worse! :slight_smile:

(Jan Ryan) #13

Thanks for the reminder, I keep a RM printout of all prices pinned on my board, I’ll pop a note on the bottom of it as a reminder to reprint it at the end of March :slight_smile:

(Lucy Reynolds) #14

Thanks for posting, useful to know

(Angela Harpham) #15

Very useful thanks.

( Valerie Dockerty) #16

Thanks for posting Brenda

(Lorraine Burt) #17

I dread this but thanks for the heads up!

(Claire Mead) #18

Thanks for the info. Could be worse but I’m just thinking about having to go through every single listing and change the pricing Urgh.

(Claire Mead) #19

Actually I just remembered that there is a bulk edit for postage :slightlgrinning:
However the prices are slightly different if you use online postage or visit the PO. I think it’s about 5p more expensive to queue in the PO??!!

(Joy Salt) #20

Need to bump this in case like me you’ve not got round to upping your postage for the new rates effective from anything you will be posting from now on.
Just off to bulk edit my rates.

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