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POSTAGE increases

just read the a first class stamp is going to increase from 70p to 76p…that is a BIG jump…
Not sure about parcel charges yet but brace yourselves !!

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I was just coming on to share the same news…

2nd class is going up 4p to 65p
1st class is going up 6p to 76p


2nd class is increasing to 65p x

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I really wish that royal mail would consider doing household, small parcel collections. People complain about My Hermes and I am sure that royal mail could reclaim a lot of trade by collecting.
It really shouldn’t be too difficult for them as they already have the vans making deliveries…
I struggle to get to the post office and I would certainly use royal mail if they could come and collect.
With more trade, then perhaps they could keep their prices down.


Apparently the largest price rise since 2012! Large letter changes as follows:

  • A first-class stamp for a large letter will rise by 9p from £1.06 to £1.15.
  • A second-class stamp for a large letter will rise by 5p from 83p to 88p

Better go stock up on stamps!

Crikey, nearly everything I post is first class large letter, well I won’t be able to swallow the cost of the increase this year, that’s a big jump. :neutral_face:

Does anyone know the date they are increasing from?

Monday 23rd March.

Here’s the full list of prices:


I was thinking about these price rises…and wonder…
I have always posted the same or next day…first class…But I wonder if customers would mind if we all started posting 2nd class…It might take an extra day or two but I post straight away anyway…
That would make it cheaper for us all and save putting price rises on our listings?.
what do you think?

Thanks for that. so my prices are all up by 15p as I always post small package.unsigned…£3.55 -> £3.70 / signed £4.55 -> £4.70 .

I’ve always used second class, especially as where I used to live, post was very good and my parcels would often arrive the next day even on second class. But I heard Camilla talk about this one day, that posting second class doesn’t look like you care about it as much as first class, so now I have started to explain on my listings the reason for second class (cost!) and asking the customer to contact me if they need it faster.

I usually buy my large letter postage through Paypal, it works out a few pence cheaper than taking to the post office.

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I always send first class and the speed often seems to get me good reviews. Too many people (myself included) leave present shopping to the last minute, so I just hope it helps get another sale or 2 that might have been put off if it’d been slower (I know sometimes I’ve had 2nd class parcels to me take around a week, so I’d never use it in a rush). It’s good to have the option if you’re not in a rush though, because when I’m not I’d select the cheaper option. With my items though, I also think the less time in shipping, the less chance to get damaged. I always pack well but the speed feels extra reassuring.

I always pay for my postage at the post office counter though, too many of the villages around me have their post office and even post office in shops closing down. My local one has already moved to a shop and I fear it going completely, so I want to give it as much business as I can to make sure it stays.

I have a problem getting to the post office as it is a good 30 min steep hill walk and coming back, as well as the steep hills, there are over 67 steps to climb…so where possible I put my smallest parcels in the local post box.
I order stamps online from the royal mail site and sometimes top up with books of stamps to be delivered with my Tesco groceries…then I weigh my parcel and go online to check the cost. Then I just put stamps on the parcel and pop it in the box…well Kelly does it for me as it would involve those 67 steps down and back up to the box.

I’ve always sent my items first class. I think with the advent of next day delivery with a lot of online retailers, people don’t want to wait too long for items to arrive.

Most of my cards go large letter, so I’m going to be off to the Post Office to stock up on stamps over the next few weeks. :money_mouth_face:

Same here. My parcels are always handled by my excellent village shop…I need to keep it open… and she needs my business. It would cost me much more than the 5p I save buying on line to drive the 5 miles into town, park and drive back again.

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Thanks Kim :slight_smile:

Hi All

I use Royal Mail for all of my retail deliveries - try using their “Click and Drop” service to save a little bit of cash (only pennies, but it all helps), you calculate the delivery cost online and print out the postage label and stick it on your parcel. It also saves you time in the post office as you can bypass the queue and just drop your deliveries at the counter.

If you have a friendly postie they might also pick up the parcels from you when they deliver your post too :slight_smile: