Folksy Ltd

Sale! everything must go!

(Kimberley Medhurst) #1

hi,i have had my shop createfuls on here for a few years, now i am now closing down, as im taking my sewing down a different path as from next year, and very excited about my new buissness plan. so pop along to my shop and see if there is anything u would like.idealy i would like all my stock sold by march so i can orgazine materials and things for my next step in the craft life xxx

(Rachel) #2

Hi my computer does not like the link you have put on, it is warning me of stolen passwords - as a person who is not very good with computers is this okay? Rachel

(Thecardjeanie) #3

Hi Kimberley,

I got the same message when I clicked on the link in the body of your text but it was ok when I clicked on your shop.

Good luck with the new venture.

Jeanie x

(Liz Dyson) #4

Kimberley, I like the idea of your bejewelled office stuff. How did you stick the gems on - will they stay put with handling?


(Kimberley Medhurst) #5

hi guys, sorry i have not been on here for a while,just been able to get back. il have a look about that message you get, im not very good with computers if im honets still learning every day but tech seems to grow so fast these days.
lizdyson i used hot glue to apply the gems and they seem very sturdy, i would have used super glue but this it to strong for the gems and disolves the back, but hot glue works a treat. sorry my reply in late guys xx

(Liz Dyson) #6

Thanks for getting back to me, Kimberley, but I am all spent up now, so no pennies left for shiny new things. I wish you all the best with your sale.