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Sales count not adjusting

Hi, it appears the number or sales shown on my shop front its not adjusting. I’ve had a few sales recently and noticed it doesn’t change. Mine should be on 409 but it seems stuck on 403.
Abyone else finding this?
Is there a glitch @dougfolksy?

Yes! I noticed this happened to me as well, had an email notifying me of a sale but the counter had not adjusted. I refreshed the page and found later in the day it has then corrected itself.

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Yes, I have found there is a delay. New sales don’t get added straight away.

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It’s just corrected itself :woman_facepalming::joy:

I have noticed it taking at least a few hours lately, but from what I’ve seen it’s always sorted itself out by the next day.

I can imagine you were impatient waiting for that jump in sales to show!

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Mine adjusts but a day later

Mine have been taking a couple of hours Carol but they have always updated by the next day

I’m assuming this is a recurring issue, I’ve just made a sale that hasn’t updated on my shop front page. I haven’t noticed this as an issue in the past. Tagging @dougfolksy in case there is another problem.

Update… the tally updated a few hours later.