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Hi, I’m new to Folksy and forums generally but I just wondered if anyone knew why I’ve stopped being able to see my ‘daily views’ for the last few days. It was a useful and encouraging piece of info. Thank you in advance for any help. I’ve contacted support and I’m wondering if it’s a glitch.

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Hi there , I am new myself and the same thing has happened to me I think . I have shop activity but 0 views for the last couple of days . Not sure really!!!

I’ve noticed for the past few days the dreaded 0 on the counter. I thought it was just me. Maybe there is a problem.


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Let’s hope so !!!

Yes I think there is a problem of which the staff are aware of. This was mentioned in another post a few days ago. Am sure it will be sorted out soon.

That makes me feel a bit better. Thanks all. Hopefully my email to Support
will get some answers and we’ll all be up and running…counting again

Thanks Roxanne. That’s good to hear.

yep it’s broken it does that occasionally but once one of us lets admin know they soon get it sorted for us.

Thanks Eileen. That’s helpful. Hopefully they will resolve it soon.

Just heard back from Folksy support team.

This problem has been reported to their technicians and they hope it will be resolved in 24 - 48 hours. On top of this long delay the data for the individual 4 - 5 days will be lost.

This is a terrible service to us sellers and I am really not very impressed with them. What about everyone else?

Folksy have a very small team behind the scenes, and they are usually very responsive and helpful. This may be down to a problem out of their control, eg a service provided to them by a third party/ISP etc which is not in their power to fix themselves. I believe this data is collected from Google Analytics, so if you use GA you can find out all this and more (more than you ever wanted, I suspect!!)


I don’t mind if the counter has been down for a few days as I can get better data from google analytics and as someone has pointed out it might be out of their control anyway. The data you get through folksy only (currently) shows you which specific items have been looked at and only for a certain number of listings not if your shop front or collections pages have been looked at. You can sign up for google analytics, its free and the instructions are here and get a far more comprehensive over view of what is being looked at in your shop. Folksy are planning on improving the stats that get reported but not sure when that will go live or what extras will be introduced.


Thank you @SashaGarrett and @HelenCliffordArt for that. I was hoping that this type of thing would be included within Folksy not as something else that I need to sign up to.

I will take a look at Google Analytics later on when i get a bit of spare time.

Thank you Sasha. I have been meaning to get onto that, so this is maybe the
spur I needed.

I signed up for Google analytics ages ago. Couldn’t make head nor tail of how to use it and gave up. I find the view counter extremely useful as I’m just not technical enough to be able to get to grips with Google Analytics. I listed a couple of new items on Friday and wanted to check their views on Saturday so I could get an indication of how successful my promotion had been. I was really disappointed when I realised it wasn’t working.


Helen if all you want to do is compare how many hits you got from different social media sources over the weekend I can do you a step by step set of instructions - just drop me a message. There are many things I can’t get GA to do (like tell me what search terms were used) but social media analysis is one of the things I’ve mastered.

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Hi Sasha I’ve jsut signed up for Google Analytics and can’t see how to navigate around it could you let me have the instructions please?

That’s really kind Sasha. I’ve got so much going on at the moment that I won’t have the time to try and play around with it but, if I get some time and decide to try and get to grips with it, would it be ok if I messaged you then?

If you have only just signed up then it won’t have collected any data yet. The key things you’ll need can be found on the left hand side under the ‘reports’ heading, the most useful of these (or so I’ve found) is the ‘acquisition’ tab - if you click on this and then the ‘overview’ option that appears it will give you a pie chart showing what proportion of people ended up in your shop via
’direct’ (they typed in your url or clicked on certain types of links eg ones on instagram, I think people clicking through from folksy search results show up here),
‘organic search’ (where people have found your items via a google search),
‘social’ (clicked through from social media sites facebook/ pinterest/ reddit etc)
‘referal’ (this is where a lot of spam shows up but also where people have clicked through to your shop from an embedded link - for me this shows up traffic that comes from a local open studios scheme that I’m part of and one of my suppliers who has a page of jewellers who use their materials)
Clicking on any of those headings takes you through to more info like how many people, what page they were looking at, whether they went on to look at any other pages. If you want to set a specific date range there is a date range setter in the top right hand corner. Just select the dates you want via the calendar pages.
I think that should get you started.

Of course that’s fine Helen.

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