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Satisfaction popup

(Joy Salt) #1

Just bought something and when I’d paid I got a little popup asking how satisfied I was with my Folksy shopping experience. I was so surprised I bought something else (can’t have too many Boxer dog birthday cards (now showing on front page as just sold) and got the popup again.
Is this new or have I just not bought from Folksy for a while ?

(Shirley Woosey) #2

Yes I got it too when I bought something on Folksy this weekend Joy.
I’ve not bought anything since August, so don’t know how new it is.

Shirley x

(Minerva) #3

I would think it’s too early to say anything when you’ve just bought something as you haven’t received the item yet. And then, you might want to leave feedback for the seller too so it might be too much.

(Christine Shephard) #4

It’s a great idea, it catches people while they’re still in buying mode. They’re asking for feedback about the buying experience, not about the item they’ve bought, so doesn’t overlap with feedback for the seller. Maybe it will give Folksy some useful insight into how happy/frustrated buyers find using the site and that might lead to improvements. You can never have too much feedback!

(Minerva) #5

The OP wrote: “how satisfied I was with my Folksy shopping experience”

The shopping experience isn’t complete until you receive the item. Or even after you use the item.

If they meant about Folksy and how user friendly it is to buy something, then that’s another thing.

(Deborah Jones) #6

I noticed the pop up about 3 weeks ago - so fairly recent I think. I took it to mean the Folksy buying experience when it popped up after my purchases.

(Joy Salt) #7

I definitely read it as a Folksy experience question not about my purchase. What was not as good was the posting it put on my Facebook page - when I clicked that button - it has a link to Folksy with the words :

> Folksy
Buy beautiful handmade gifts and craft supplies from Britain’s best designers and makers

but the picture accompanying it is of credit cards and payment methods. Not at all what I want to see - I’ve tagged Folksy in the post so hope they notice (but just in case @sianfolksy are you aware it does that ? )

(Getting aggravated with this text editor which keeps including bits in my bold bit that I didn’t ask it to. Trying again so it makes sense !!)

(Sian ) #8

I did not know that - not sure if we can control which image Facebook uses, but will pass onto Doug&James to look at!

(Joy Salt) #10

You can either buy something yourself and click the Facebook share if you want to see it for yourself or you can find what it posted for me somewhere down my page :smile:

(Shirley Woosey) #11

Sian @sianfolksy I made a purchase on Folksy this morning. I chose to share the experience on Google+

Not sure if you will see it if I just give you the url address, so I’ve taken a screen shot of it.
Just says Folksy and in the comments I added a link to the item I bought.

This is the link to my Google+ profile - you might see it better there.

Shirley x

(Stevenbowlerdesigns) #12

How are we to measure such an ‘experience’? My girlfriend bought a bangle via Folksy at the weekend; did she feel fulfilled or gratified by the 'experience? Was her appetite sated? Did she dance into the living room singing a ‘happy shopper’ song, as a result of her 'experience?
No, she saw a pretty bangle, pushed a button and her bank payed for it. She appeared quite grounded and normal following this transaction, thankfully. I don’t think the ‘experience’ had any adverse affects!

(Joy Salt) #13

You can see what I got on my FB page which was not a terribly good advert for Folksy I thought More about money than beautiful arts and crafts :smile:

img src="/uploads/default/5703/90de0b693742c047.jpg" width=“500” height=“322”>