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Hi, how's everyone and how are your sales?

(Tracy Stevenson) #1

Hi, how is everyone? Has anyone become millionaires yet?! Here’s wishing one of us is. lol Sales are just not happened since I’ve returned and I used to sell so much. Plus the one thing I did sell last week I’ve not had feedback yet for. Do you ask for feedback or just let it go? I was actually looking forward to a really nice feedback from the buyer as I had pretty gift wrapped it etc, but nothing :frowning: I suppose peoples lives are just too busy nowadays to think to give me some credit and thanks.


(Niki Connor) #2

I have only been with Folksy a month and had 3 sales fairly early on but all gone quiet now. I’ve tried looking at my tags,SEO etc and getting involved with forums etc - I have definitely had more views this week which is great but no sales - hopefully it will pick up soon.

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(Diane Burton) #3

Guest buyers can’t leave feedback so don’t worry too much if you get none (I’m sure you’ll hear VERY quickly if they’re not happy with their order!) I don’t ask customers to leave feedback as it annoys me when companies email me asking for feedback (if I have particulaly good/bad service I’ll let them know)

I think sales are slow for a few of us at the moment I’ve had a few sales on here this year but not many ( it’s my family/friends orders that are keeping me going) partly my fault as I’m very hit & miss with my promoting but trying to juggle promotion with crafting and housework seems to be hard work at the moment (we’re in the middle of decorating our livng room and hallway after having the damp-proof course sorted on the house so there’s dust/paint/painting equipment everywhere!)

(Kim Blythe) #4

Very slow for me at the moment too. Not had a sale since end of May. I’m still promoting and adding new things to my shop but it isn’t happening. I shall carry on making though, but may have Christmas items and gifts more in mind as that is my busy time. Maybe the lack of any summer yet is holding people back.
I don’t ask for feedback either. Sometimes they just don’t bother. I have a customer who has bought a couple of items off me and said some lovely things on Twitter about them, and my shop, but she hasn’t put feedback on Folksy, even though she is registered.

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(Donna) #5

My sales everywhere have gone right downhill since the referendum, I think people are waiting to see what’s going to happen before spending. My sales abroad however have gone up with the pound being like it is. So I’m thinking “silver linings” :expressionless:

(Tracy Stevenson) #6

Hi :slight_smile: I still appear to be getting the views but the sales are just not happening.

(Tracy Stevenson) #7

Sounds like you are a busy bee at the moment! :slight_smile: Do you know I had no idea guest buyers couldn’t leave feedback. I’m quite rubbish at promoting, I tweet then wait for the rush that usually doesn’t happen ha ha.

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(Tracy Stevenson) #8

Maybe she hasn’t realised she can even leave feedback then. At least she is happy and Twitter promoting is always good. :slight_smile:

(Helen Healey) #9

I’ve just had my best month ever for sales on Folksy. I hope it’s the start of a continuing trend!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Tracy Stevenson) #10

I don’t sell abroad, maybe I should? I think I get a bit confused about the pricing for postage, but I will definitely look into that. Maybe i’m selling on a small scale that would benefit from branching out in to.

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(Tracy Stevenson) #11

That’s great to hear that, well done. :smile:

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(Pauline Vinall) #12

Mine are not good at all but people seem to like what I make , we need more publicity.

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(Tracy Stevenson) #13

I will have a look at what you make and sell in a bit. Yes I agree, every time I mention Folksy no one has ever heard of it. It’s been going a long time now and surely it would be Folksy’s advantage to promote their own website.

(Donna) #14

I have sold all over the world, the only thing I would say is make sure you go for the signed for option, especially for the USA as things tens to go missing over there and with Royal Mail signed for the prices are pretty much the same everywhere. Around £9 for a large letter and £13 for a small parcel. I have found that customers are usually quite willing to pay that too :grinning:

(Tracy Stevenson) #15

Thanks for the advice, I will be looking into it :slight_smile:

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(Susan Bonnar) #16

I had a sale this week! Hoorah! 3rd this year, so all a bit slow! Busy elsewhere thankfully :slight_smile: I don’t ask for feedback tbh x

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(Sarah Eves) #17

I disagree that things ‘‘tend to go missing in the USA’’

I have sent many, many parcels to the US, and only use signed for on items over £27.
Royal Mail will automatically insure up to £20 for a missing parcel without paying extra for it to be signed for.

Sarah x

(Donna) #18

Maybe I just had a bad experience, I had 4 parcels go missing within a few weeks, all to the east coast of the US and all over £20! :cry:

(Sasha Garrett) #19

The automatic royal mail insurance does not apply to any precious metal or gemstone items so jewellery might not be covered if it does go missing. I have sent items to the USA but since they have been at the more expensive end of the scale they went with a signed for service anyway - and no the buyers didn’t leave feedback even though there was lots of extra messages to sort out the shipping and updates on how far it had gotten even though I’d given them the tracking number and website details that they needed to use it on (US customs can be a bit of a hold up). I would never ask for feedback but little things like gift wrapping/boxes tend to get lodged in the memory banks (especially of men in my experience) so when people are really rushed (eg at christmas) they think ‘if I order that from them then I don’t need to wrap it myself’, I’m sure your extras didn’t go unnoticed even if they didn’t comment on it.

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(Grimm Exhibition) #20

Ive had 1 Folksy sale this year. Sales have been plummeting the last few years but I like it here so Im still sticking around.