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I have eventually sold something! I have asked the customer to write a review but they have said it’s not clear where to do this - I have also gone onto Folksy and I have to agree I can’t see where the customer can do this - surely something like this should be very obvious?!

They can only leave a review if they are registered with Folksy. Guest users can’t leave feedback. Usually registered users have a user name whereas the guest user will have had an email address.

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That seems a bit ridiculous and not very helpful to sellers I think!

I agree that guest buyers should be allowed to leave feedback, but I don’t think you should ask buyers to write a review/feedback…

Yes I agree, I wouldn’t ask for feedback either. Even when buyers are registered they don’t always leave feedback.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask people to leave feedback - lots of online sites do it.

The reason it’s a bad idea to ask people to leave feedback is it comes over as being rather pushie, it can also been seen as spamming your customer and coming over as being a wee bit desperate.

It’s what annoys most customer’s being chased to give feed back.

Yes it’s nice if customers want to leave feedback but that’s up to the customer.

Think, when you buy something in a high street shop wouldn’t you be annoyed if every shop you bought from wanted you to leave feedback? It’s the same on line people get fed up/annoyed being asked to leave feed back.


I’m afraid I disagree! On the Folksy forums you all talk about promoting promoting promoting! One of the ways of getting people to buy from your page is by having some good reviews and sometimes people just need a gentle reminder to leave feedback - I 'm not talking about badgering them. My customer was happy to leave feedback but actually couldn’t because she wasn’t registered - a fault on Folksys behalf I believe. Reviews are paramount to creating more traffic on a page and most people would forget to leave a review if not reminded or prompted to do so.


We’d love to get more customer feedback on the site, and it’s one of the things we’re working on.
At the moment you can leave feedback if you’re a registered customer or seller but it’s not available for shoppers who have used the ‘guest checkout’ option. We’re looking at ways to make the customer reviews more prominent on shops and products and also enable guest buyers to leave feedback - it will take us a while to roll out but it is on our to-do list.

Here’s some more info on our help page about feedback


I sometimes get emails from customers who aren’t registered, or even if they are, which give me comfort and a sense of pride, but of course it isn’t visible to anyone else. However, it doesn’t put me off buying from someone if they don’t have a lot of feedback compared to their sales figures. I assume it’s good in that case. People tend to say if something (service, product, whatever) isn’t what they expected.

When I’ve received feedback from people I’ve made it into a pretty graphic and posted it on social media. So even if people aren’t registered but contact you via email to let you know how much they love their items, you can let others know via your page.


I really don’t think feedback is a big deal on Folksy, and I’d prefer to keep it that way, people get so uptight about bad feedback on some sites, it’s so sad!


I certainly don’t want any emails from folksy asking or reminding my customers to leave feedback. That’s intrusive. If my customers leave feedback I’m appreciative but I don’t expect them to. To me it’s a extra tip if they leave me lovely feed back. It’s not something I expect my customers to do or feel they have to do because I’ve asked them to or folksy has asked them to do.

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That’s not what I’m say - What I am saying is that unless a customer is registered with Folksy they can’t leave feedback - my customer wasn’t registered with Folksy - only a guest customer and actually wanted to leave feedback but couldn’t . This is where Folksy have fallen short but I believe it’s now on their to-do list!

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It is but you have your feedback so why don’t you do as Liz does when she gets emailed feedback from a guest buyer.

I’ve done the very same thing myself.

I don’t think that Folksy is saying that they will send out emails to buyers about leaving feedback - they are saying that they hope to let all types of buyers, registered or not, leave feedback. They are also saying they will make leaving feedback easier and more prominent on shops. This sounds good to me.


Hi Liz - Do you need get permission from the buyers to do this. thanks.

I haven’t done as I have left it anonymous. I think if you wanted to quote and put their name to it then yes I would do, and of course if someone sends a photo of their received item in situ, then yes, get permission to use the photo.


thanks liz :slight_smile:

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What a lovely idea.

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