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Saying hello from Milomade

It’s a bit weird using this forum on a mobile. Can’t find an ‘Introduce Yourself’ category anywhere so thought I’d say hello here. If this needs to be moved, sorry!

I used to sell on Folksy back in the day when it first started. I think I left in a huff as there were lots of teething issues on the site and listing products was a nightmare and I’d spend ages listing items to find the listings had vanished etc. so I set up my own online shop on my own website which has served me well for years.

But I wanted to expand this year and reach new and different audiences and when looking again at Folksy and seeing how much the site had developed and changed I couldn’t resist taken them up on the offer of 23 free listings over the bank holiday weekend.

I work with rare and recycled materials, mainly antique sterling silver teaspoons from which I make rings and two other collections of jewellery. I love working with silver that has a history rather than buying in lifeless plain sheets of new metal.

My rings are made from the stems of the spoons and I use the bowls to form other pieces I’ll hopefully be listing soon.

All my pieces are handcrafted using traditional techniques and are all therefore unique.

I also have ranges of stationery, accessories and decorations and hopefully gradually expand my folksy shop once I have products to list. I’m so busy with wholesale orders most of the time that whatever I make goes straight out the door and I barely have stock to list online. But I’m rethinking my working practice and going to make the effort to get stuff organised specifically for selling online.

Was wondering if Folksy offers product variations and if anyone can give me advice on that. For instance my rings come in either a plain silver finish or with an antique patina applied and there’s a £10 difference in the price. I couldn’t see a way of adding this variation in my listings so just listed the items with an antique patina.

Anyway I’ve waffled on long enough. Hope that’s enough of an intro. If you want to find out more, visit my website.

Would love your opinions on my products and shop and if there are any tips you’d like to pass on I’d love to hear them.

That’s all for now.


Hello and welcome back and yes things have changed around here but it’s still friendly. :smile:

Forgot to mention I’m doing an introductory offer for the whole of June. This code


gets you 10% off.


Welcome back, Evie! Unfortunately there’s no way of listing variations at the moment- perhaps it’s something we should campaign for… If you’re going to be listing a lot of things, you can get a plus account- £45 p.a. for unlimited listings. I love your rings :slight_smile: Good luck with your shop! (BTW I think it may be frowned upon to mention your website on the forums).

Oops sorry.

welcome back…

Welcome back Evie, your rings and photos look great, hope it works out for you x

Welcome back @Milomade. Great products and I also love your Meet the Maker section, which is a perfect example of how to ‘tell the story’ (a topic that was discussed recently on here). Really draws me into your products and also provides a bit of inspiration for me to improve my own art statements! Hope you do well. :grinning:

Thank you. That took a long time to craft. I can highly recommend the Indie Retail Academy. I downloaded an online course that helps you rethink how you write your About page and the info about you on your website. It really helped me see things from a customers point of view.

So thanks for the feedback as it sounds like I’ve got it right.