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Introducing myself

Hi all,
I’m pretty new to all this, although I have been registered with Folksy for a few year I never used it. But having spoke to several stall holders at a fair yesterday I remembered I had an account and thought why not. I hand craft some very unique pens and will be uploading them to my shop over the next few days. Hopefully I’m doing everything right but would appreciate any tips. Looking forward to online selling and becoming less reliant on craft fairs.

Hello Rich, welcome to folksy, your pens are beautiful - I’m sure they’ll do well here.
I’d complete your ‘meet the maker’ section so buyers can learn more about you & your craft. I’d also aim to use all 5 of your photo slots in listings to show off your wonderful pens in detail.
Hope this helps!

Welcome, Rich! I had a look at your shop and I agree with Sonia above - you should complete the Meet the Maker section to let people know how you learned to do what you do and what makes you different from everyone else. I like your banner, there is no mistaking what you sell! And I like that you have a bit of a price range. Best of luck with your shop.

I forgot to say I like your pens! They look beautiful, really special.

Hi Rich, your pens are very interesting. I heard some time ago that a major, well-known pen company was going slowly bankrupt due to poor sales, and was advised to go more upmarket and make really expensive pens.
They were very reluctant to do so, and didn’t want to upset their core business clients, but when they did, the expensive pens sold like hot cakes, and profits soared, in a recession too.
There is always a market for quality out there. Providing you can get the right sort of clientele to notice your pens (and I don’t necessarily mean Facebook,), and make them more special with perhaps even more expensive materials, you could do very well.

Thank you for the encouraging comments and advice. Selling online is new for me. I tried it briefly 3yr ago when I first started up and it didn’t work as I didn’t have a customer base. Now after doing hundreds of craft fairs and handed out thousands of cards maybe it,ll work second time around. Ideally I,d like to sell more online than at craft fairs so I can get my weekends back and save a bit on stall fees, which seem to be getting extortionate these days for good venues.

Don’t forget the key to success is continual promotion. You have to drive people to your shop.