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Search in your Listings Manager?

(Jo Badger) #1

Hello All,

I was wondering if there was a way to search within your listings manager?

When I am trying to find a particular item I have for sale, to edit it for example, I am scrolling through and hoping to spot it, isn’t there a search function? or have I just missed it?

Thanks x

(Helen Smith) #2

I don’t think there is - if I’m looking for an item to edit I often find it easier to go to the item page in my shop and click the edit button there.

(Helen Smith) #3

Or you could use the ctrl-F standard search which will highlight the word(s) you search for and make them easier to spot as you are scrolling past…

(Jo Badger) #4

Thank you x

(Joy Salt) #5

No I don’t think there is. I keep meaning to add Joysofglass as a keyword to all my listings then I could search on that say “heart Joysofglass” would find all my hearts and nobody else’s. As it is I have to put “Heart Stained Glass suncatcher” which is a bit long winded and still brings up lots of other shops as well.

PS: I just added Joysofglass to the tags of one of my angels and when I searched joysofglass angel it popped up right away. So suggestion - if you want to be able to search just for your own things then put your shopname as a tag :slight_smile: It works :smile:

(Jo Badger) #6

If I need to hide, copy or delete a listing, I have to scroll through all my listings to find it.

There should be a basic search function within the Seller Dashboard for just your items?

Or add more functions to an items page when your viewing your own listing, so you can use the current Folksy wide search function, find your item, then choose to hide/delete/copy that listing from it’s own page.

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