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Seller on Ebay totally nicked my product idea and description

(Ali Burdon) #1

I don’t suppose there is anything I can do about it… and it isn’t something I have made myself so no copyright infringement… but I am so annoyed by this, helps to get it off my chest. Maybe Folksy will make me Featured Seller to cheer me up, lol. Here’s the link… if you want to have a nosy… the cheek of it, she is charging less than me (don’t know how she makes a profit).

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

I wouldn’t worry about it many people all over the net sell the same kind of thing for patchwork and have been doing so for years.

She’s also been selling patchwork fabric’s on ebay since 2004

(Ali Burdon) #3

No, I’m not worried about her using the idea of selling patchwork packs, lol. Not in any way an original idea, I know, Just peed off she has (imo) copied and pasted my product description. Spent hours composing my perfectly worded text…!!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Similar but not the same as would be expected as you are both selling the same fabric small floral prints liberty lawn of the same size which is pretty much a standard size for applique work and detailed patchwork. There are only so many ways to say the same thing.

Don’t let it upset you.

She says she buys seconds so therefore hers will be cheaper to source.

(Lania ) #5

Eileen is right and I looked at both sites but I don’t actually see what you see being the same in the description? and they sell on ebay so they don’t sell on folksy? Or do they?

However now that you’ve added this to the forum I know where to go if I wanted to buy it cheaper, not that I’m planning on it I’m just saying. I often send people to my competitors when they sell something I don’t. But I wouldn’t give her the free advertising if I were you.

I’ve checked your stats and you seem to being doing really well. I’m with Eileen, don’t sweat it. You’ve certainly sold more Fabric than I have on folksy ; ) that’s why I have to sell (advertise) on ebay and etsy. And if I’m clearing the way for new stock I’d drop prices and or run a sale. It doesn’t lose me money I just don’t make as much on the item. Sometimes breaking even, however potentially customers might come back to me for something else ; ) i hope.


(Ali Burdon) #6

I appreciate your reassurance. I am doing OK thanks, and not too worried about posting about it on here because I have a loyal gang of customers, and, as Eileen pointed out, plenty of competition, including here on Folksy, so I try and make sure that my service is second to none, to keep one step ahead. I am a bit surprised that neither of you spotted the way the EBay seller has copied my wording directly…I say “this pack contains the equivalent of ten 5x5 pieces of Liberty Lawn (250 square inches), measured by weight”, she says “this pack contains the equivalent of ten 5x5 pieces of Liberty Lawn (250 square inches), measured by weight”. I say " the Only Ditzies Please pack just contains fabric with small prints, so it is especially good for all you ditzy lovers out there", she says “this pack just contains fabric with small prints, so it is especially good for all you ditzy lovers out there”, I say “A mixture of pieces, none of them will measure less than 2 in one dimension, but there will be a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. The only guarantee is that no two will be the same!”, she says “A mixture of pieces, none of them will measure less than 2 in each dimension, but there will be a variety of sizes and colours. No two fabrics in these packs will be the same”. You are both right I am sure, and I need to let it go, as our friends in Frozen so wisely advise us! Just a bit like having someone copy your hard-worked at homework and then getting a better mark than you… (which happened to me back in physics class 1985, not that I am bitter or anything)… :wink:

(Shirley Woosey) #7

Your photo is much nicer than hers Ali.

Shirley x

(Christine Shephard) #8

They must have changed their description, as I can’t see the duplication you’ve mentioned above. This is their description on the link you’ve posted:

This pack just contains Liberty tana lawn fabric with small prints.
About 15 different fabrics in each bag. All pieces are larger than 2’’ on each side
Great for detailed patchwork or detailed Applique work.
Each pack is different and may not include the designs pictured, but all will be smaller print fabrics and in a mixture of colours
Good luck and happy crafting

Even the title has changed. Perhaps they saw your post :smile:

(Ali Burdon) #9

LOL, that is a result heh?! Hello ebay person if you are reading this… plenty of room for all of us sellers, but please don’t nick my words! And thanks so much Shirley.

(Marg) #10

I can sympathise with the copying malarky, its very annoying. When I sold my gift bags on ebay my descriptions were copied, with one or two words changed. I think someone who cannot think up a good description and is willing to copy someone’s else’s is a moron. Time and effort goes into titles and descriptions, in my case they don’t come easily, I have to work on them. Ebay seems to be going through lots of changes, and if you read the discussions groups quite a few sellers are leaving, their buyers might come here instead. The seller seems to have a lot of fabrics for sale for a private seller, hope HMRC catches up with them. Marg. x

(Joy Salt) #11

She changed the details early this morning :smile:

(Ali Burdon) #12

That’s it Marg… I had the idea to just sell little prints in scrap packs (actually I think it was a customer who suggested it), got it all sorted, worked out useful size, wrote the description, marketed them, only to have someone just copy and paste, it is is highly bugsome! But clearly my moaning and whinging on here has achieved something. :slight_smile:

(Karen Ellam) #13

Hi Ali

Glad to read its all sorted out now.

I know how much hard work goes into those very important descriptions. Sometimes it takes me longer to write them than actually design and make the piece of jewellery I’m listing.

All the best with your fabrics they are lovely :blush:

Karen :strawberry: