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Selling Elsewhere?

(Maisy Plum) #1

Hi everyone,

I have been selling my wares on another well known site and just wondered what the rules are re listing items here? Do you double up and sell the same items on each or different ones - I am just finding it hard to decide what to sell where and it would be a lot easier to keep it all simples!!!

Any advice would be great! Thank yoo

(Sasha Garrett) #2

As far as I know there are no rules about us selling the same thing on multiple sites. At the moment I only list items that I know I can make again on both sites as that way if I sell the same item on both sites at the same time (unlikely but I live in hope) I can simply make another one. I only listed a few items on the other side as I was testing the water to see how well my items would be found in the ocean that is etsy and the lack of a plus account equivalent has put me off listing lots of items in case they don’t sell as I could rack up a hefty bill in listing fees. However I am planning on adding a few unique items to the other side rather than here as I know the material used in them (Fordite) is popular but because Folksy doesn’t have the paid google shopping ads (yet as far as I can tell) the pieces listed here are not being found and I suspect that they will be found (and sold) quicker over there. If you do put the same thing on multiple site make sure the description text is suitably different so that search engines don’t decide its spam.
Not sure if this helps you or not.

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(Rhiannon Rose) #3

I sell here (well, that’s the theory but I’ve only just stated!) and on another site. I keep the two sets of inventory completely separate: I have a box for items listed here, and several boxes, divided by item type, for items listed there. I have taken expired items from there and listed them here, as I have a Folksy plus account so it’s free to list, whereas if something hasn’t sold there, I pay to relist. I find this works best for me because it’s easier to keep organised on what is where: there are times of year when I’m insanely busy at my main job, so having to track down an item on another site and remove it because it had sold on the first one would just drive me mad!

(Roz) #4

Hi, I sell on both sites but am running down my shop on the other side as it really doesn’t do much (probably down to lack of promotion). I list single items on both sites but keep my eyes peeled for sales so that I can remove them from one site if sold on the other. I get email notifications through on my phone so I know fairly quickly about any sales. Not sure what I would do in the highly unlikely event that I sold the same item on both sites at the same time - will cross that bridge when and if I come to it. Although most of my items are one offs it would be possible to recreate most things if absolutely necessary.

(Susannah Ayre) #5

I sell here, Etsy and Artfinder (just started selling there). My sales are similar on here and Etsy.
As Artfinder is a specific art website in the description I always write the number print the person will be buying. Then on here and Etsy I just write ‘the next available print will be posted to you’ that way I know exactly what one to keep for Artfinder, and it doesn’t matter if I make the same sale on Etsy and Folksy (it has happened before within a short space of time so wasn’t able to edit- thankfully I’d covered myself in my description.)
I don’t have a plus account as never have a lot to list due to my art- so I only ever list one item at a time. Same on Artfinder. Though I may list 2 or 3 at a time on Etsy but only if I have enough prints available to cover myself.
Not sure if that makes any sense!! :confused:

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(Maisy Plum) #6

Thanks guys - just wanted to get a feel for it all! When you are promoting each selling site, do you promote items on one day for lets say Folksy and another day just to Etsy or is it all a bit random? Having never worked two shops before I want to give them both a fair go but unsure as to how best do it. Thanks for the above advice re listings.

(Sasha Garrett) #7

I don’t promote my etsy shop - it was done as a test to see if I could achieve sales there purely by being found accidently. I have made a sale in the 5 months its been up and running with my items getting favourited once a week or so with no effort on my part!

(Susannah Ayre) #8

I do it randomly to be honest. I find I get a lot more views on my Etsy shop but actually probably advertise Folksy more.
Sales on both are fairly similar- though I do prefer to sell through these as the commission is lower. It’s 30% commission through Artfinder- though they do actual earn it in terms of their advertising- I’ve only been selling through them for 2 weeks & already sold 5 prints- and most of those are my most expensive.
So I probably won’t promote the Artfinder one.

Maybe it’s best to mix it up? Depending on who/where you’re promoting- plenty people haven’t yet heard of Folksy so may be less inclined to shop here.
Maybe you’ll just have to experiment. :blush:

(Roz) #9

Just been over to check my stats and was surprised to find I have had 16 orders over there this year with pretty well no promotion compared with 31 orders here which is the only shop I promote. Now you’ve got me wondering if I should maybe keep my shop over there going and add a few more items! Rethink time.

(Maisy Plum) #10

Well it is a minefield and thank you all for your input! I think i will just ‘suck it and see’ do a bit for both sites and see what turns up but I really do appreciate all your comments and experience. Good luck to you all on loads of sales where ever you sell :smile:

(Susannah Ayre) #11

Yeah, I think that’s all you can really do. You may stumble across something that really works for you that just doesn’t for someone else. I guess we all just have to experiment and see.
Good luck with it all!! :blush:

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(Rosesworkshop) #12

What worked for me three years ago isn’t working this year, so be prepared to keep changing too! Generally I sell more higher priced items, especially overseas, on my other sites, and lower priced items within the UK here.

(Nobias Art) #13

Hmm, I think I promote my other site slightly more, but joining in conversations in here. I did list more item in there before I have solf anything in here so I try to keep over 100item in that shop and some of the item I know I can make twice, I list in here as well. But slowly I try list completely different things in here:) Slowly adding more items in here since I see is worth it, made a few sales in the last weeks:)

(Amberlilly) #14

I am about the same amount of sales this year on both here and E. I much prefer here and send all my promotion to here. I dislike the forums over there, its much more polite on Folksy!!
I will continue here and still in a dilemia as to whether or not increase my listings over there. Sorry about here and therre. LOL

(Silvapagan) #15

I have my yarns here and my patterns over on E. I also have my patterns on my own blog with a link to Payhip, and over the past couple of months those have done the best in sales. I promote fairly equally across all 3 platforms.

(Helen Smith) #16

I have 2 shops here and 2 on Etsy. Although it’s relatively new, I feel this one here is doing better than it’s equivalent over there, perhaps not so much in terms of the number of sales (yet) but certainly in the value of the items sold. I’d rather sell a few bigger pieces here than a bunch of little bits over there so I do concentrate more on this one, listing unique items here.

For my ffflowers shop the situation is completely reversed. To be fair it has been going much longer and is pretty well established over there. Since all the items are repeatable it’s easy to run 2 shops but sales here are nowhere near what they are over there.

For me it’s interesting to see that each of my 2 very different shops do best on different sites. I guess the point is that if you don’t sell much in one place it’s always worth trying a different outlet as that might be where your customers are.