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(BeadKids) #1

Hello all
I am fairly new - well not really as I used to be on here a few years ago, but thought I’d give it another go. I sell successfully on my own website and on etsy too, plus I have stockists etc. Since I’ve come back here though, I listed 20 items to get it going - barely any views at all - does anyone actually shop on here now? I’ve had maybe 8 views in total since coming back. Is it really that dead here?
Mandy x

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Sales do happen here but they are more reliant on us doing our own promotion to get them than on etsy. Have you promoted this shop at all? Also I’m not sure how many people shop here looking for supplies and kits - this wouldn’t be the first place I would look for kits like the ones in your shop.

(Nobias Art) #3

I don’t want to put you off,but after over a year being here I am just about to let my listings expired. Done all the networking, taking part in the folksy talk, advertised on Instagram, Twitter,Facebook, my own website and biz cards…and just nothing happens. Maybe the problem is with my creations, I don’t know but is just not working. Time to go, I am leaving with good memories though :slight_smile:

(Annie Storkey) #4

The problem with having shops on both here and the other place is that most people only promote one of them (for instance linking from facebook) so all the sales are in one place. I have over 500 sales here but opened an e**y shop a few months ago and have no views and no sales.

(BeadKids) #5

thanks for the comments Sasha, mmm even without promotion shops should see some kind of movement going on, even just a little! Otherwise it’s just a defunct platform. I only ever promote my own website (as that’s where I want most of my sales to come from), I don’t promote etsy but have a steady stream of orders.

It’s just not what it used to be - and these forums are not the easiest to navigate either!

(BeadKids) #6

NobiasArt - your pendants are to die for, they are gorgeous, it’s a shame you haven’t done well on here - definitely not a problem with your creations :wink:
Good luck xx

(BeadKids) #7

I understand, but I don’t promote etsy either and still make sales every week?! Maybe I will just let the listings run until the end date!

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(Dawn Sneesby) #8

I have had over 300 sales on here in just over two years and 30 on E… in just over a year. I have found it great on here and I love the forums too . I only promote on Pinterest and Twitter.

(Dawn Sneesby) #9

Your kits are lovely but perhaps you need more items for people to browse, it’s usually suggested on here about a page full.

(Nobias Art) #10

Thank you Beadkids, is a real shame because I have tried everything for this to work out, maybe my niche is not here. Good luck for you too Xx

(BeadKids) #11

Just looked at your own website - the penny farthing necklace is truly inspired, I love it! I hope you’re enjoying Scotland, we plan to move to Skye when the last kiddie has left home :wink:
Best of luck, whatever you do don’t stop creating, your pieces are beautiful- have you tried being on Etsy?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #12

It take time and a lot of work but if you put in the effect it’s worth it.

It’s not a site where you can simply list then forget about it if you want to make sales.

Promoting on social media and in the showcase part of the forum is the way to go.

Don’t just relay on facebook either facebook doesn’t even allow half of your followers to see your posts.

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(Sasha Garrett) #13

Etsy is much better known than Folksy with plenty of people browsing it so it is possible to achieve sales there without any promotion (I know I have and need to restock that shop with the few select types of item that I found sold really quickly). If I am looking for a hand made finished article I look on here, I don’t associate this site with supplies in the same way that I no longer go looking on etsy for finished handmade articles - too many supplies/ vintage / bulk produced stuff to filter out. I don’t know if this is a common thought process or not however if other people aren’t expecting to find what you are selling on this site why would they go looking for it? I achieve sales here without promotion so I wouldn’t call this a defunct platform it might just not be the platform for your product.


I sell supplies, do you think I would do better listing on Etsy?

Natasha x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #15

I buy the odd supply off of fellow folksy sellers but not loads it really depends if they have want I need.

I also sell a few supplies mostly buttons

(Sasha Garrett) #16

That would very much depend on whether or not you think you can (or are prepared to) compete with the ribbon manufacturers in the far east in terms of price and product range.

(Nobias Art) #17

Aaw thank you very much for looking at my page and thanks for the reminding. I haven’t updated my website in the last 12 months. Oups! And no, in won’t stop, I never stop creating, just move my power elsewhere probably.
Yeah we love Scotland, especially on those very few days when is sunny :smiley: hah
How did you specifically choose Skye?