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Selling on other sites question

Hi, do any of you sell exactly the same items on other sites but with different descriptions etc…or do you have different items on each platform?
It’s something I have been wondering for a while. Thanks, Claire

I have the same items but try to make the descriptions different for SEO where I can - it’s not easy though!

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I have some of the same items , I have to remember to quickly delete them on the other site when things sell.

I tend to have different things on each site as I have different styles when it comes to my work, also it means I don’t forget to delete it of the other site if something sells!

I have the same products on another site too, the more current ones have differing descriptions. I just remove any items from one site should they sell on the other etc. Luckily I usually have at least a 3G signal on my phone so can do this asap. So far I haven’t had any issues :wink:

Yes, spread them around! And if they sell, act quick!! LOL.

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Different items on different sites. Often the same design but different metal/stone/beads.

Thanks for the info. I have been selling some of my items on other sites as well and I also have a phone with me most of the time, so i can remove the listing. I guess the more people that may see my work the better. Just wondering whether to add all my items or not.