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Selling my badge machine - last chance to get badges, keyrings etc from my shop

I’ve decided to sell my badge maker as my painted items are taking off in such a big way that I simply don’t have the time to create new designs to use with it or time to make up the items.

So I’ll be gradually clearing the badges, keyrings, magnets, handbag mirrors etc from my shop.

These are fun stocking fillers if anyone wants to get in early before the listings disappear :smile:

Do you already have a buyer for your badge maker?

Not yet - I’m currently offering it on local selling sites as it’s sooo heavy for posting. I think I paid about £20 for delivery when I ordered it.

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oh gosh yes- I forgot that they’re so heavy!
If you have no luck selling it locally- let me know as I may be interested, although I do appreciate that they keep their price so it may still be out of my price range. :wink:

Love your work by the way :slight_smile:

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