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Making badges - what should I use?

(Quirky Quill) #1

Hi everyone! I’m pretty new to Folksy but enjoying the feeling of community here :smile:

I would like to make my own badges out of my illustrations and would like some advice about what machine to get. I’ve had a look online but I’m a little bit overwhelmed. Does anyone make their own badges and if so what do you use? Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

(Janine Loretta Getty) #2

Hiya, have you tried looking at online tutorials? I make crocheted keyrings and jewellery and I find online patterns and tips invaluable. I know it’s different to what you want to make but the same sort of idea applies for any kind of craft now. It’s so easy to find information and how-to’s online.

(Quirky Quill) #3

Hi Janine, thanks for replying! I’ve had a look at tutorials and online crafting sites, I was just wondering if any sellers had any advice. You’re right though, there’s so much online, you can learn to make just about anything!


(Helen Smith) #4

I think good quality badge making machines are pretty expensive, I know some Folksy sellers use them, hopefully someone will come along soon!

(by John) #5

Why not give them a quirky twist and put them in a tiny frame with a pin on the back to wear like a badge!

Just a thought!!


(Haley Glover) #6

I use a badge machine from this site it is very good and components are quite cheap, but the badge machine is expensive. I had made enough sales last year to justify treating myself. I don’t sell the badges on here at the moment, I use it for local fairs etc so I cant show you any.

Best of luck with it @QuirkyQuill

(Quirky Quill) #7

That’s a really cool idea John, thanks! I might try that :slight_smile:

(Quirky Quill) #8

Thanks Haley, much appreciated. They are quite expensive so I don’t think I could justify it at the moment but it’s good to know where to go. John @CLOCKSinFRAMES gave me a good idea and I’ve got a couple of others that I’ll try out.

Thanks again everyone!

(Sue Edmondson) #9

Have a look on second hand sites like preloved, if you can pick a second hand one up it will save you money.

(Quirky Quill) #10

Nice idea Sue, thanks! I will check it out :slight_smile: