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Selling on Ebay

(ElysiumOfNature) #1

Hey everyone, I tried to find a similar topic on search but didn’t have much luck. I recently posted a couple of items on eBay to try it out, but I’m having a hard time understanding selling on there (Folksy definitely makes a lot more sense than eBay!). I am not getting any views (the only views seem to be from me clicking the items myself, and from a few people when I promoted them on Twitter but that’s it), so I don’t think anyone can find them. How do you go about getting people to find you? Maybe my descriptions aren’t “keyword-y” enough? As far I remember there weren’t any tags to fill in when listing the products.

Here is a link to one of the 2 items I have on there

Any suggestions or tips are much appreciated. I know 2 items isn’t a lot to have on there, but I’m cautious about posting more atm before I really get what I’m doing.

(Joy Salt) #2


I suspect you will not be able to get a lot of assistance on this topic here as it is a forum rule that we shouldn’t discuss selling on other platforms as this is a Folksy forum, however helpful and friendly.
Good luck though with your new Folksy lovely shop. Xx

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(Christine E.) #3

Selling on Ebay is the equivalent of selling at a car boot sale instead of a craft fair- people want cheap stuff and bargains. If you’re selling by auction, you probably won’t get many views until nearer to the close. I would never bother selling my crafts on Ebay, although I believe some people do OK there…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

I would go to the ebay forums they can be a bit catty at times but someone always comes along with good advice.

Also if you are selling your handmade items on ebay you need to open a ebay shop not sell as a private seller. Oh and it costs to open an ebay shop and they have some pretty strick rules to get you up in their search results and keep you there.

private seller is for getting rid of things you don’t want anymore not for people who make to sell or buy to sell therefore a business… You need to go to their forums and read up on their Terms and Conditions.

( Carol ) #5

You don’t need to open a shop, just be registered as a business seller rather than a private seller.

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(ElysiumOfNature) #6

Thank you for all the replies :slight_smile:

(Brenda Cumming) #7

I don;t have a shop but I AM registered as a business on there

(Sarah Lambert) #8

You need to register as a business seller on there if you’re selling anything other than your spare bits and pieces from home. You don’t need a shop, I am on there as business seller but I don’t bother listing anymore as like Christine says, people mainly want bargains. I did have luck with some of the primitives a year or two back, but not the jewellery .

(Eileens Craft Studio) #9

yep that’s what I meant doh! silly me it’s register as a business not you have to have a shop. I’m getting confused lol :blush: