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Hey I am new here ! Liking for some tips from other sellers . I am a mum of two disabled children and had to leave my profession to care for them full time. I started to create these rustic personalised hanging signs which proved to be popular on social media . Any tips on selling on folksy as seem to have had no interest and also finding selling on Etsy difficult too .


Welcome to Folksy. It is a great site to sell on. All UK based small businesses unlike that other site we don’t mention ( :grin:). The support you will receive from the Administration team along with everyone else is truly fabulous. If you check the Folksy site Set up your own shop and sell with Folksy on Folksy you’ll see what the group is all about and why you should choose Folksy to sell from. Within the group page you share experiences, highs and lows. Get to announce your sales. Enjoy Monthly Themes of The Day choices which give you the opportunity highlight your products. You do need to push through Folksy/Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram and any other page you are a member of to get noticed and to get sales. You can link your Folksy page into all of these other pages which makes it easier for managing the day to day promotions. I know other’s will come on here and advise and point you in the right direction. Hope you can join us. Take care, Katie


I’m struggling too.Only been open just over a week and feeling lost. I have been thinking I need a second opinion for selling as this is my only one. I’m taking part in the daily listing/ promotion thread which is a lot of work but the aim is to get some :heart:‘S on your shop. Hopefully this will make potential buyers a bit more confident buying from you.


Welcome to Folksy! Sorry I am not really in a position to give you advice on selling here, I am still a relative sales newbie myself!!

I hope you do well your products are lovely. One think I would say to you is to add more tags, the more you have the more chances you have to be found.

Good luck to you x

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I’ve been on Folksy 4 months now and just love the community. I’m only a small seller & I sell more on Etsy - but I learn & enjoy much more on Folksy so it is really worthwhile as a platform. So far I have only had one sale on Folksy but it is very slow on all selling platforms at the moment (time of year plus economic slowdown etc). Christmas (November onward) is the big selling time for most people, with other seasonal occasions like Halloween and Easter also improving sales. My best tips to all new sellers would be remain patient and realistic in your expectations. Use the slow times to improve your listings and learn as much as you can about online selling (optimizing SEO, taking better pictures etc.) use the forums and folksy tutorials. Also keep an eye on future selling opportunities and If your products are suitable give them a seasonal touch so you can promote them at Christmas etc. As you get more confident on Folksy then Facebook and Instagram etc. can be used to drive potential customers to your shop. Most important is to enjoy your journey - for a lot of us the creative side’s great but the selling side can feel hard work. Everyone on Folksy started small so give your shop a little bit of time to develop and settle in and see where it goes. Good luck.


Also ‘favourite’ as many of the Folksy sites as possible. It’s all about sharing each other’s pages. And if you get someone asking … ‘Do you know where I can buy …’? you can point them in the right direction. I’ve had people ask me that at fairs when they see I’m selling on this platform. And of course, they have a good look around when they are there. Agree that it is slow at the moment, but the ‘seasonal’ times of the year sees lots more activity on shops. The trick is to have the ‘right tags’ so that your products ‘pop up’.


Welcome @Crafts46 :tada: Our seller handbook is full of useful tips too if you haven’t seen that yet.

I focus on the product features here at Folksy, so if there are things on the website that are confusing or making you feel lost (@FluxandFlowJewellery) then I’d love to hear about them so we can work on making them easier for everyone :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I have seen the sellers handbook but still not had any interest. Would be grateful if you could look at my shop and give some feedback .

If you search the other topics on the forum with similar queries about how to sell on here you will find one of the Biggest recommendations is that you need to get some social media promotion for yourself. You have no SM links showing on your shop front. Could I suggest that you join one or more and get yourself a chance of being seen. x

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Hi Aaron. Feeling lost as in not being seen. I’m doing lots on social media and joining in with the forum. I realise it’s a bad time to try to sell a product that is a luxury rather than a necessity.


Continuing the discussion from New! Selling:

Hi Folksy Family,

I am new to this forum and just opened my shop “ The Tealight Hut”. I started to make small candles in the lockdown to free my mind and to give me some structure to my day. I was encouraged by positive feedback from family and friends and decided to take this hobby seriously.
I would appreciate any advice from sellers on how to increase sales (I have not made a sale yet) and tips to get my listing noticed.

Thank you and welcome to any new sellers too!


Hi Tealighthut and welcome - I’ve not been on Folksy for long either (or sold much) but it is clear that Social media is important and also getting engaged in ‘Folksy talk’ where you can really start to learn lots. Everyone says sales are slow at the moment so don’t get discouraged if you don’t sell a lot, use the time to make contacts, refine your shop and social media, and look forward to Autumn and Christmas when things usually pick up. Good luck.

Hello Fififoxi,

Thank you for your advice I appreciate it.

Yes it’s true maybe everyone is struggling due to current financial climate. I can understand that!

What social media are you using, I don’t have any accounts which one would you recommend and is easy to use.

Many Thanks


I use Facebook (with a separate fififoxi page), Instagram and Pinterest but don’t do much on them. I just have a presence on these platforms and post occasionally but I am very much looking to use them a lot more. I use my Facebook ‘home page’ every day to keep in touch with friends and groups and I find it fun and useful.

On Facebook the business ‘fififoxi’ page is ‘work in progress’ but I can see the potential so am persevering and developing these pages - Primarily the ‘Fififoxi’ page can showcase your work - which is great for letting people know what you are up too and for directing potential customers to your sales site (ie folksy). You can sell direct from your Facebook page but for the moment I redirect to Folksy as it gives customers confidence when they buy from a bigger organization.

I’ve been on Pinterest for years and I have a lot of Pinterest boards that I have always used as a reservoir of ‘Art inspiration’ but recently I’ve started developing certain boards (‘Fififoxi on Folksy’ and ‘Fabulous Folksy finds’) as ‘Showcase Boards’ promoting my art and other Folksy Artists & Crafters - again it is work in progress as I learn what Pinterest has to offer.

Both Pinterest and Facebook are fairly easy to use once you get to know them. I would start with opening a Facebook account (read up online and/or find a savvy friend for help) and find out which of your friends/relatives use Facebook and add them as ‘friends’ on your page. Take a little time to find your way around and post a few things then, after practicing with friends and family on your own personal home page, create a separate page for your Folksy business and take it from there.

Roughly the same approach applies to Pinterest and Instagram - read up about it and open an account - take things slowly, you don’t need to do everything at once. There will be times when you think you will never ‘get it’ but keep going as it will all fall into place eventually and you can start to enjoy using them and developing your contacts by liking and following other people (both potential customers and other businesses).

Hope this all makes sense and that it helps! Good luck.

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Can you please let me know if you pay for Facebook page to be promoted, it’s quite pricey!



I never pay for promotion but if I was really convinced it would help I would. My thoughts on paying for any services or items are ‘do I really need this’ or ‘am I going to get my moneys worth’ the answer is usually no. I think if you have optimized your shop and got everything running really well with some sales under your belt then it is probably worth doing - but not until you are at a point when your shop is already semi successful and you are boosting or building on existing sales.