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Selling to the US...massive price rise on 1st July

Just a heads up to anyone selling to the US via Royal Mail.

From 1st July, the US is having its own zone 3 pricing zone.
The prices for sending parcels is almost doubling in some cases, although letters and large letters are staying the same.

This is only for parcels going to the US, but it’s such a huge price increase you may need to adjust shipping prices.

Sarah x


Thank you for this information I’ll have to take a look into this as I have had several sales to the US.

I’ve enclosed the link below.
As an example, a small parcel up to 250 grams that currently costs £6.63 to send will now cost £9.84.
The USA used to be in zone 1, but is now in zone 3.

Thanks for the heads up on this @thesherbetpatch
I send a lot of tea cosies to the USA. They usually go as a standard large letter but if someone orders a couple then it might go as a tracked and signed small parcel, which means it will become very expensive. I think it would be cheaper in this instance to send their order in two difference packages (two standard large letters). Not sure whether the customer would be happy with this or not.

Could you not get 2 cosies into the largest size large letter PIP box? Might be worth investigating given the price jump that is going to occur.
(For insurance purposes I occasionally have to send shipments to the US split into 2 packets - no one has complained about that so far (I make sure that they know it is coming in 2 packets and let them know both tracking numbers).)

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I’m pretty sure two cosies wouldn’t fit.
I sell quite a few cosies and most of them don’t fit as a large letter even when sold singularly, as the lining is often wool and bulky x

It is a struggle to get two tea cosies to fit in a large letter size package. I just about manage it with one cosy, I always squash out as much air as possible from the plastic envelope before handing it to the post office cashier!


Yes, it’s always the bottom of the tea cosy that refuses to squash correctly :slight_smile:

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Have you tried pip boxes instead of the bags - they hold items flatter?

I’m looking in to those now, but they’ll still only hold one cosy, mine seem to be super thick :slight_smile:

There can be a couple of mm difference in the pip box sizes. It’s worth looking at options if it enables you to fit more in.

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Thanks for the link and heads up, Sarah!

Julia x

@MaisyMuffin I might have to try that. I didn’t want to order any new packaging as I have loads of poly bags to use up. But maybe I will get some just for the USA orders. Thanks.

Thanks for the heads up. I was aware of the price hike and have had to stop promoting some of my items in the USA because the postage would cost more than the item which makes it too expensive for the purchaser.