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SEO and multiple tags post

Hi, I’m still really confused by tagging and the new post recently about multiple tags.

Also ive looked into the SEO basics blog post before so first ill cover that with questions…

What I would like to do is appear more in Google search results to drive more traffic to my page.

Ive done the SEO stuff again today and found a great product title for my Diaries online ‘2019 diary day to page’. On UberSuggest I searched I picked one with;

– High search volume
– Low competition (0.01-0.40) Is the competition bit under the PD column or the SD column???
– Good CPC
– A good relevance to my buyer

So then once my listing on Folksy was complete with new title ‘2019 diary day to page’ I then went and searched online for that same title on google…

…and found nothing of my listing!

Please help! How do I divert traffic from Google after doing all this work on SEO?

Going back to the november post on tagging, I cant get my head around whether I use single tag words such as; a6, diary, or ‘a6 diary’, and to be discovered again by my tags on Google do I start putting in a tag ‘a6-diary’ or ‘a6_diary’??? Or does the _ - not matter??

Sorry i’ve read everything in the tagging blog and SEO blog 3 times over and just can’t undertsand the above!



I have no answers Holly, but will eagerly await the responses you get as this has always confused me too. It’s one of those things that I start to do some reading on, then get confused and end up either grumbling to myself over a cup of tea, or out in my glass house playing instead!

Hey, I work in SEO. Hopefully some of this will help!

Okay first of all, I think tags on Folksy are mostly so people can find you when they’re already on Folksy - it’s unlikely any of our listings will be on the 1st page of Google, regardless of our tags. BUT remember it takes a bit of time for changes to kick in (few hours probably and anyway it is ALWAYS CHANGING GOD ALWAYS).

CPC is cost per click - you’re not using Adwords, so ignore that.

‘High search volume’ means A LOT of people look it up. ‘Low competition’ is a good sign - but Folksy’s still competing with other sites that sell planners (Paperchase, Ryman, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Not on the High St, indie sellers with their own e-commerce sites etc) and you’re competing with everyone else on Folksy who sells planners. So really the competition is annoyingly high.

If you want good info on keywords, competition etc I recommenced - the free version lets you do a few searches a month (it’s mad expensive to pay for but the free version will give you good pointers). Also check out Ahrefs on Youtube because they have tips on how to improve SEO just using Google.

The best way to improve traffic from Google is to have a blog ( is free and easy), write about your products and shop and link to Folksy from there. There are 1 million articles that can help with tips and tricks to grow your blog too, just have a Google.

You’re thinking about your SEO, which means it’s probably better than it was anyway. Good luck!