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Shipping abroad, high value


I’m looking for advice on shipping a (potential) £1000 order abroad, to Amsterdam, as Royal Mail only insure up to £100, and, to be honest, insurance/compensation limits had never even occured to me before I had this request!

Size and weight isn’t a problem as the items are small - passport sleeves for a wedding - but the value is proving a nightmare!

Parcelforce cost 3 x as much but still only insure up to £200.

The only options I can see are hand delivering - I am nowhere near an airport - or sending in 10 parcels, which would send the postage sky high!

All advice appreciated!

Sarah x

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Parcelforce will insure up to £2500 , cost will depend on the size and weight of the box. Not cheap though.(possibly would be cheaper to deliver by hand :slight_smile:

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Hi Sarah

I have used Despatch Bay for all my large albums in the UK and overseas for some years. I did a big shipment to Paris last year with no issues at all.

I just did a hypothetical booking to Amsterdam and you can post for around £13 for a largish box and you can add on insurance as you want to incrementally. The standard is £100 but you can add it on up to £1100 (for about £20 extra) As I say as you increase the insurance the price rises slightly.

I have a code that would get you £25 worth of FREE parcels

Might be worth a look at. They give you a choice of carrier too. Customer service is excellent so feel free to give them a call to discuss, they are very helpful!

Hope you get the order - that’s a wonderful size order to get!

Dottie x

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Royal Mail do insure over £100 as I’ve shipped items that cost over that to the USA. Using their calculator it says that for a parcel upto 2kg worth £1000 it would cost ~£80. It might be worth looking into the paypal seller protection as I think so long as the item is tracked (proof of posting and proof of delivery) they will cover it if the recipient doesn’t recieve it so it wouldn’t matter how much the Royal mail insurance would cover and you could go for a cheaper but under insured option. You can get to Amsterdam by train (eurostar to brussles and change for the local train network, very smooth when I did it) but I doubt that would be any cheaper.

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Thank you for the replies - crazy prices for postage for high value items, completely mad that it may be cheaper to hand deliver, lol
@dottiedesigns thank you for the link and code - I will have a look!