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Shipping to canada march 2020

Has anybody sent packages to canada recently?
I lost a card order to canada before the corona virus and had to refund
And now it looks as if another package has gone missing too. I have another order for the same person who’ s order has recently gone missing and I am reluctant to send it . Its a personalised order too so cant resell them. I have looked on the royal mail site and canada isn’t on the suspended list.
I have explained to my customer that there are bound to be delays and explained that when she ordered the items but how long can she wait for. I know shes going to ask for a refund as shes getting impatient. The items were sent standard post as tracking too expensive

I tend to mail with tracked and signed. It includes insurance up to £50. You need to bring the envelope to the post office. My items I track their progress and receive an email when delivered. Ok, my items are around £50 and the extra postage justifies this way to mail out. The customer could pay for the extras.
A letter by standard mail (up to 100grams) costs £2.42
With track and signed it costs £7.67
I hope this helps

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Unfortunately Canada Post is developing a bit of a reputation for severe delays when things go sideways (thinks back to after the strikes had ended). I’ve not sent anything to Canada since this all started but imagine there will be delays at every step - fewer flights to take mail to Canada, fewer people to clear it through customs, fewer people to sort it, fewer people to deliver it. I’ve no evidence to back this up but they might be prioritising internal mail over international mail as well. I wouldn’t be sending anything to Canada at the moment.

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I sell greeting cards that normally go large letter post and I only use tracking if large amount and need to use parcel post . the cost of tracking is too much just for cards unfortunately but thanks for the info

thanks Sasha… My customer isnt the best communicator and have had problems with this order since the start and still waiting for her response… If she says post them Ive a feeling I am going to have to refund her if they dont show up! think I would be best not to ship abroad for the time being

Hi Diane. I sent my first order to Canada recently and did wonder whether it would get there without a problem. I sent it on the 5th March and I got a message a few days ago to say that it had arrived safely - phew! Normal standard delivery - no tracking. I am going to continue offering postage overseas unless I have a problem or Royal Mail enforces restrictions. I think that customers should not have the same delivery expectations as before the virus, that is unreasonable and unfair on the retailer. I hope you resolve it so that both you and the customer are happy. Carol x

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Hi Diane, I’ve just had a look at Royal Mail’s update regarding post to Canada. This may explain why mail is getting delayed/lost:
Incident 2

Start date: 16 March 2020
Latest Update: 19 March 2020
End date: Ongoing
Incident: Coronavirus

Canada have put special quarantine measures in place against Coronavirus from Monday 16 March. As a result, Canada Post need to comply and may have a reduced workforce available, and not be able to deliver mail to specifications, with signatures on delivery suspended in order to prevent any further spread of the infection. Delays to mail services can be expected.

Incident 1

Start date: 9 October 2017
Latest Update: 7 September 2018
End date: Ongoing
Incident: High volumes of mail resulting in delays to mail services

What’s the issue?
As previously advised, Canada Post have notified us that they are experiencing delays to delivery services due to high volumes of incoming mail. Delivery aims for Royal Mail services for Canada are normally 5-7 working day, however, International Standard and International Tracked & Signed are severely delayed, taking 3-4 weeks to be delivered.

What alternative is there?
If you have been posting using our Royal Mail ‘Tracked and Signed service’, we highly recommend you use our ‘Tracked service’ option which is providing much speedier processing and delivery times. Simply select the correct service and label. If you are not set up on our Tracked service, please talk to your usual Royal Mail contact who will help you with the next steps. Finally for our Customers using the Post Office to send your items, simply ask for a “Tracked service” at the counter.

A note about Customs in Canada
Whilst Customs clearing processing times are totally outside our control, it is worth remembering that Canada is one the countries with the lowest de-minimis of 20 Canadian Dollars (circa £11). This means that any goods equal or above that value will systematically go through a clearance process thus creating additional delays. Most of what our customers send is under DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) meaning that the recipient is responsible to pay any duty or taxes. Read more on our country guide page, thank you. "

The web page for updates is:


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thanks Carol hopefully it will still arrive

thanks Elaine I saw this too , it is very helpful, I showed my customer this so fingers crossed sh e will receive her order sometime in the future

When did you send the orders? RM don’t class items as lost until 32 working days, which is approx 6 weeks

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posted them 12th march . Thats good to know thank you