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(Julie Maginn) #1

Continuing the discussion from Something very exciting has appeared in your Folksy shops:

I have just looked at your shop and you have some lovely things, I have favourited and pinned a few. A couple of things hit me that might help you. You obviously have had a lot of sales in the past and I am far from an expert but I don’t think some of your pictures show your albums off to their best. The white albums on a white background face on, at a quick glance look like cards and to be honest that’s what I thought they were until I read your meet the maker section and realised they were albums! The other thing is none of the ones I looked at show a picture of the inside and that would definately be something I’d want to see. I really like your Christmas eve box I think it is lovely. I really hope things improve for you. x

(Amberlilly) #2

She sells like hot cakes on the other one! I think for some bazaar reason not on here anymore, I’m sure she will pop up soon!

(Joy Salt) #3

Don’t cry @DottieDesigns - This lovely is in the Handmade Wedding.
The new Activity log only shows things added to the gift guides / favourited in the last few days.

(Lisa Harrison) #4

Dottie’s albums are fab and popular on the other side. She works so hard for some of us running British Crafters and we really appreciate it. Some of the fav’s I’ve had recently are due to the BritCraft promo. She’ll have some fav’s on her activity now, I’ve dropped by to make sure of that

(Joy Salt) #5

Just spotted this in Gifts for Grandparents too: