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Shop Critique - Am I doing something wrong?


Hi Everyone

I have been selling supplies on Folksy for a few months and have made a few sales, but hoped to have made a few more. Love selling on Folksy, their ethos and the forums are so lovely…but this is not bringing in the sales.

I have lots more to list, but to be honest feel a bit disheartened at the moment.

Would just like some critique on my whole shop.

Thanks. Natasha x

(Sasha Garrett) #2

You photos are clear (careful with the cropping remembering that folksy will crop it to square for the images on your shop front), your descriptions are good (but you might want to include examples of what might be included in the mixed packs), I’m just not sure how many people buy supplies on here. Have a look at what you have sold and try to do more like that maybe? Try not to be disheartened it took me a year or so before my shop gained any momentum.

(Jan Ryan) #3

You have a lovely shop, Your photo’s are lovely. The only things I’d change is to put the amount of ribbon in the front of the title. eg. 4m of … when I first looked at the price I thought it was per meter until I looked at the description :slight_smile:
The other thing is the bungle, I’d like to see a photo of them laid out flat so I can see them all clearly and the width’s at a glance.
(also one of the listing’s (red satin) didn’t have any tags).
Don’t give up, it takes a while to get established. Just going to pop over to your fb page to say hi :slight_smile:

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #4

Your stock is lovely, and I was tempted by the Christmas ribbon bundles, but to be honest the high postage put me off.

(PaulsJewels) #5

Are you a plus seller? If so then there is at least no money cost, just time to listing more bits. The more varied the pool of supplies the more likely people will find your shop and find something to buy now or come back later for? I personally try to buy in shops that offer everything for my craft. I would prefer to put in a few BIG orders and have few parcels come through than have dozens of little packets arriving for ages and have to keep track of what arrived etc, so maybe other buyers would be the same as me and expanding your listings would help?
It can take a long time to get established, maybe the customers who have brought items have left given any feedback?
Do you have any social media that you can promote from to boost traffic to your store?
Pictures of items are great.
I know I have waffled on, but i cant see anything wrong with your store. :smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #6

Your shop is lovely but to be honest, when I can get 22m of ribbon on a roll from eBay for less than £3 including postage, you can’t compete. Admittedly that’s plain ribbon but you get the idea. Supplies are not something I’d ever buy from folksy unless it was something totally unique or was a destash and was therefore good value

To begin with i thought your postage was too cheap but then when i read that the ribbons are packed flat without the reel I agree with Sara, almost £2 for a normal envelope is too high.

(Sally Eira) #7

I agree with the other comments - it could be that less people come to folksy for supplies - i am not sure of the figures but it could be to do with that.
You shop looks great though especially the photos.

(Sarah Lambert) #8

Scrub that I see you already do what I suggested

(Dawn Sneesby) #9

Lovely shop, but agree with @PaulsJewels you need much more stock and a bigger variety so customers can buy everything in one shop. I like to buy everything for my craft in one place if possible. Don’t give up, the sales will come when your shop is more well stocked.

(Karen Nelson) #10

I look for supplies everywhere and obviously compare prices. I think you have some lovely items but selling online is very hard. I always quote the 3ps, photo,publicity and promotion which needs to be all the time.


Thank you everyone for your comments, appreciate everyone’s views. Will be taking all comments on board and adjusting my shop accordingly.

@HandcraftedbyPicto. Thank you for pointing out about the ribbons being laid out, I will show the ribbons in this way.

@Dandelion’sGallery I have had a look around at other Seller’s postage, and you may be right. I will adjust the postage accordingly.

@PaulsJewels I will try and offer a more variety in my shop.

Natasha x

(Emily Clayton) #12

Love your shop - will defo be back in the new year to purchase some goodies.
I agree that ribbon length should be in front of the description.
Otherwise your photos are very clear - good luck I’m sure the sales will come x


Thank you Emily. Working on my descriptions, and adding more stock.

Love your shop, very talented!

Natasha x