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Favouriting a shop

(Joy Salt) #1

Just spotted that I had favourited a shop for no reason whatsoever, a few days ago I thin,k so went to remove it and can’t. Geting a privacy error from both Chrome and Firefox.
Tried favouriting another shop and got same message.

So sorry Folks, I can’t favourite you however much I love your shops.

I have reported to Support.

(Roz) #2

Joy @JOYSofGLASS - This has been an ongoing problem for a while for many of us - think there has been discussion on the forums. Try going to one of the listings and favouriting/unfavouriting from there rather than the shop front - I think that works OK

(Roz) #3

Apologies - I think its the other way round - it works from shop front but not from item listing page

(Bizzy Liz) #4

Hi Joy, I favourite shops on the storefront page, it seems to work from there, but as you say, if you are on an item and you try to favourite the shop from there, you get the security error message. I’m on Internet explorer.

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(Joy Salt) #5

Roz you are a star. Elvis has now vanished from my new items from favourite shops front page display… I never liked him anyway. xx

(Roz) #6

Heres the link to the discussion

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(Sue) #7

I discovered I’d favourites a shop I wouldn’t do in a million years last night, I thought it very odd, thought my finger must have slipped, I did manage to to unfavourite in the end somehow!

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(Lorraine Burt) #8

I have a sort of related question and @OrchardFelts you seem knowledgable and might be able to answer!! If I favourite an item, then click the back button to get back to the page I was on - does that actually unfavorite it? Sorry if it sounds dim - still trying to work out these forums but I’m going back the main headings each time cos I’m worried I will unfavourite everyones items by mistake!

(Roz) #9

I don’t think it does Lorraine. When you click the back button on your browser it just shows the previous screen as it was when you first visited it so it will show the item as unloved but the action of loving remains so if you go back to it at a later date it will show as loved. Hope that makes sense

(Lorraine Burt) #10

Thanks Roz, That makes perfect sense. I was embarrassed to ask but that will save me a huge amount of time!! :grinning:

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(Claire Mead) #11

I have wondered that myself before as well

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