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Shop link from Instagram does not always work


Just wondering if anyone else with an Instagram account gets the following problem:

I have a link to my Folksy shop in my bio on Instagram (my account is heather_andhome). Most of the time the link works - tap it and it takes you straight to my Folksy shop.

But too often for my liking I get a message saying the link is not working/possibly broken.

It’s not to do with poor internet access - when I get the above error message I can still log into my Folksy shop using Safari.

And my link uses the form - which I understand is the link form that works best.

Any ideas why I get this error message? Anyone else had this? Any idea if there is something I can do to stop it happening?

Thank you!
Heather x

I just clicked it 3 times and came straight through to your shop. Have you tried via other browsers ? I’m using Google chrome.

PS tried 3 times and all ok from Firefox as well.

The problem occurs on my iPhone - which is geared up for Safari. As I said in my original message, it doesn’t happen every time but often enough to be of concern.

My worry is that potential customers might get the error message and not bother to try accessing my shop via Safari/Google Chrome/Firefox/whatever service they use. Personally, I don’t really need to access my shop from my phone - I generally use my laptop for updates, order checking etc.

So I’m curious to know if anyone else has this problem…

Hi, I also get that error message quite often, (mine is a linktree link) but haven’t worked out why. It’s annoying. I’ll watch this post and see if anyone has the answer :blush:

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Just tried the link from my Instagram- first time I clicked I got the error. Refreshed the page and tried again and it worked. That seems to be typical

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It’s fine from my IG page to my shop here on my android phone as well as both laptop and desktop but I don’t use Safari.

Hi Mel. Yes that’s exactly what I generally get - doesn’t work first time (and sometimes 2nd, 3rd etc) and then does work.

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I think it’s an Instagram issue rather than a Folksy issue, as it happens quite regularly to me on different people’s Instagram pages. I normally do what other people have said and just refresh the page and then it works again.