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Shop URL has changed?

One of my friends has just mentioned they couldn’t use my shop link earlier - up until yesterday the URL would go direct to my shop. Today, it says this cannot be found. If I use the longer then that works fine.

@Folksyadmin is this a permanent thing…? Just asking as my business cards and address stamp and everything have the shorter, easier URL on them…

EDIT: even stranger, I’ve just clicked the short URL in my post above and it works! But if I click the same short URL link in Instagram or type it in, it doesn’t. Am I being thick?

Typing into the google search bar works for me and takes me to your shop. I am using a mac running safari if thats of any interest.

Thank you Roz, I wonder if Mac/PC has different results…

I went straight there OK from your short link.

Thank you for checking for me, I’m going to check it out on a different computer tomorrow too.

I have the same problem, I contacted Folksy about it this morning they said there was a problem they were working on. They did say they would prefer us to use the longer version…which I find a pain!!!

Ah I see, thanks for that. And yeah the longer one is a pain, it doesn’t look as nice and neat, either.


I am having issues with the Facebook shop button and can not link my URL its advising it is unavailable to use by my page. However when I create a learn more button it works this is so so strange. Can you help?

The weird thing is …. It is coming up with all types of errors, not just the one!