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Linking my instagram account

Hi I hope someone can help me.
I have an Instagram account but when I click on the link from my shop a message shows on the page that says link broken.
I can get into my shop from my Instagram account but not the other way round.
What am I doing wrong?

wish I could help… I have an instagram account and can’t even work out how to use it…

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Hi Evelyn,
go to your shop dashboard
and from that go to your shop appearance ,
you will find all the social media links at the bottom of this page.
Open up your Instagram page and copy the link in the address bar,
then paste it into the Instagram link on your shop appearance page
Mine looks like this
And it works, hope this is of some help to you.

You are missing an underscore in the page address (I looked at what you had put in the link from your shop and then searched for you) - you need to put (just follow Sue’s instructions that will make sure you get the right thing with no more typos).

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Me too!!! @teabreaks :smirk:

Thanks sue finally sorted it


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Hi Brenda

Thanks for getting in touch. Have finally sorted it. Don’t know how to use it though. Not familiar with social media

Hi Sasha,
Thanks for your help have sorted it from my phone so couldn’t put an underscore in so changed it slightly. Happy to say it now works