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Shop name not appearing in search bar!

Hi, I have just opened a shop selling Linocuts and cards. I have several listings so far so I thought I should ‘search myself’.
However when I typed ‘Linocuts’ or ‘handmade cards’ or even ‘kerr arts’ (my shop name) nothing appeared!
The only time anything appeared it was when I put in my username!

Please Help!



Have you changed the search to shops? and do you use your shop name as a tag?

Hope that helps,


You come up as the first one when I search you by shop name

Ah how stupid of me! I hadn’t changed the search to shops!

Thanks so much for your help!


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It’s not very obvious that you need to do that. I also add my shop name into each of my item descriptions: ‘Thank you for visiting Helen Clifford Art’ - or you could use it as a tag; then if someone searching forgets/doesn’t know to change to the ‘items’ search, they still find your items.

‘Linocut’ certainly should work, as that is in your item description, but there are a lot of linocuts on here, so you may have to scroll a bit to see them.

I do the same as Helen ↑ . I use my shop name as a tag on a few of my items so if someones searching under the items section my shop still gets found :slight_smile:
Lovely Linocuts btw :slight_smile:

what a good idea! I always thank people for browsing but to include your shop name makes great sense :slight_smile:

It’s worth doing - I’ve known of two people who ‘couldn’t find my shop’ becsue the search button wasn’t obvious, so who knows how many tried and gave up.

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