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Stats on shop dashboard

(Amberlilly) #1

Does anyone know if our stats page include your own visits too? As on Google it appears too. Trying to figure out if I am getting any genuine visitors and not just me. Lol. Thxs Lin

(Margaret Jackson) #2

The view counter isn’t very reliable, you’d be better using Google Analytics to see how many visits you’re getting.

(Amberlilly) #3

Google includes my visits I believe, so if I tweet to promote, I can see my view on Google as it happens, don’t know how to correct this, as if I promote all my 20 items then GA will include all 20.

(Helen Smith) #4

Yes, your shop stats do include your own visits. You may be able to exclude your own visits from Google Analytics using a filter but not always, and it’s not practical if you are using different devices to access your shop.

(Roz) #5

You can exclude your own visits from GA providing you filter out your IP address - unfortunately I think if you use mobile networks the IP address changes so can’t really do it.

(Amberlilly) #6

Ok thanks, maybe I shall have to just remember how many times I visit, yesterday I only had about 10 :’(, I get more on E without promoting.

(Angela Demarco) #7

Should be showing at least one visitor today that was not you ie ME!! Just had a wee look round your shop and think it is lovely. I have the same problem as you, I think I may be my best customer. Oh well - to infinity and beyond :smile:

(Roz) #8

@moondaisies if you log out and log back in you should get a link to your shop showing and people will be able to visit it.

@Amberlilly lovely shop. Would it be worth putting your items in collections to make your shop easier to navigate.

(Amberlilly) #9

Haha!! Thanks Angela @moondaisies Can’t wait to get a sell, I had 1 about 3 years ago. LOL Only just stocking up now tho after all this time away.

(Amberlilly) #10

Thanks Roz @Rozcraftz Don’t know how to do this, is it just like categories?

(Amberlilly) #11

Dumb question but how do i search for a name, i was trying to look at @moondaisies and can’t seem to search for the shop?

(Roz) #12

If you go to shop dashboard on left hand side you will find collections where you can set up your collection names. Then you can use shopkeeping (same place) to add existing items to your collections and also any future listings will allow you to place the item in a collection when you create the listing. You can put each item in as many collections as you want.
As far as finding a shop, you can only do that if the shop link is there which is why I suggested @moondaisies logged out and back in again in order for the link to appear. Moondaisies is just the user name for the forum although lots of people like me use the same name as a user name and a shop name.
Hope that helps.

(Angela Demarco) #13

I wondered how you did that, jeez this forum mularky is more complicated than it looks! Thanks for your advice, I think I fixed it! x

(Angela Demarco) #14

Hi, hope you found my shop, if you didn’t I think I’ll shoot myself. By the way my shop is called moondaisies, my username is moondaisies, my cat is called moondaisies (joking)!! x

(Roz) #15

Been to see your shop now. Lovely things. Why not join in one of the listing threads to get more visits.

(Amberlilly) #16

Yes @moondaisies found it! Fantastic work, I hope you do well!
@Rozcraftz thanks for explaining it, it sounds just like putting them into categories.
Still trying to increase my inventory, I hope it will get me a sale soon!

(Roz) #17

@Amberlilly you should try the listing threads too :slight_smile:
Just popped over for another look at your shop…looking much better now.

(Angela Demarco) #18

Thanks Roz, nice of you to drop by! I have taken your advice and joined the August listings thread, so hope a few more people call in. x

(Angela Demarco) #19

Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely comments, a little bit of praise goes a long way! x

(Amberlilly) #20

Thanks @Rozcraftz I have made it to 21 items, I did pop one item on listing thread, not sure if it helps? But fingers crossed maybe soon?