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Shop views from Moscow

(Lorna Watson) #1

Just discovered that anincrease in my shop views which have come specifically from Moscow is actually a spam system called a crawler or spider. Has anyone else noticed this? It affects the google analytics site.

(Maureen Laurenson) #2

I have this on my Google Analytics quite regularly. It is a spam. I clicked on their site.
Maureen x

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #3

yes i have noticed but didnt realise it was spam

(Minerva) #4

I have heard these terms before. But I know more about scrapper sites. I don’t know if these are the same. Scraper sites take listings, several at a time or in batches. Those who run those sites make money either from selling ad space or from the clicks. I believe this happens only if the site / marketplace has an public API. Folksy has confirmed to me that they don’t so what I’m describing should not be happening here.

I checked my GA account and I don’t see any views like that. How do you know these are because of a spam system?

(Minerva) #5

Edited to say…'should not be happening here.

(Lorna Watson) #6

I googled it and it said that it is a way of re-directing traffic to a different site. You can change your filters on google analytics to block it and get a true idea of how many views you are getting

(Samantha Stanley) #7

Yeah-I thought it might be something nefarious. I just ignored it and the views seem to have stopped.

(Amberlilly) #8

That’s great @LyntonLeaKnitwear. I wish I understood GA better, I find it hard to know, and I bet it gives lots of info when used right.

(Susannah Ayre) #9

I have GA set up for my website & folksy. And for a while- especially leading up the Christmas and just after it was also a problem on My Folksy shop GA. Thankfully it’s pretty much stopped now. Really annoying though. There was another conversation on here around that time where it was happening with a lot of people.
It’s just a bit irritating.

Google analytics - large volume of page views originating from germany
(Minerva) #10

Another scenario is…large companies will do this sort of thing to see if anyone is infringing their copyright.