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(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #1

Yesterday Folksy views 1
yesterdayGoogle Analytics views 32


(Hobbitgirlie1880) #2

On another thread a folksy staff person did say that it hasn’t been working properly.
And it was one of the things the techie people will be working on. Hope that helps

(JollySmall) #3

Hi Paul, this happens to me most days - glad its not just me!!
How are you finding the Google analytics? I’m currently getting more views from Russia than the UK!!

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #4

Thanks for your replies, I don’t get many views really,I made one of the gift guides yesterday and I suppose that was the reason for the surge on GA, yes I am getting the Russians ,especially “copyright” ,anybody else getting that one ,you can block it if you type “remove copyright claims . org.” it into google.

(Roz) #5

I have given up looking at views both on Folksy and Google Analytics - seems most of the ones on GA are robots anyway as they are usually from very obscure places! At the end of the day its sales I want not views!

(JollySmall) #6

Thanks Paul, I’ll investigate later

(Julie Maginn) #7

How do you find out in google analytics the address of who’s looking? I’ve only got as far as the list of countries and percentages.

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #8

I’m sorry ,I can’t tell you at the moment because I can’t remember what I done, but I am fairly sure it was in real time when I saw somebody from Russia come on and I clicked something and got the "copyright claims " thing. Hopefully somebody will come on who knows.


(Amberlilly) #9

I had a whopping 3 according to the stats page.